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EuroGamer had the opportunity to interview Phil Spencer, corporate vice president of Microsoft Game Studios and an interesting interview it was. Spencer announced no less than five new Xbox 360 titles from Japanese developers. But will these be enough to convince Japan that Xbox 360 isn’t rubbish? Should people be convinced by Kinect? Is 3D important for a creative new experience? What does the future hold for the Xbox platform? Read on to find out!

Not hardcore, but Japan the focus

Our focus was really on celebrating Japanese creators. There wasn’t a specific, ‘Hey, we’re going to show a bunch of hardcore stuff,’ attempt to prove a point. It turns out that the content was different than the content we had at E3, and I don’t see that as a bad thing.

- Phil Spencer

This shows that the creative freedom of Japanese developers gives Kinect its hardcore titles, and necessarily a push from Microsoft. In other words, people outside of Microsoft are convinced that core games are

Skepticism is a good thing

When asked about some People still not convinced on Kinect he replied:

I’m happy for people to be sceptical. People aren’t going to buy something based on the front of the box for an ad we present, especially people who understand games. They want to play and experience. That’s why we do our mobile tours and retailer events. [one of 123Kinect's top five reasons Kinect will 'win' this Christmas]

- Phil Spencer

3D Innovation

Spencer on 3D and the innovation it may bring

From a creative standpoint, I’m not really seeing the innovation in 3D I think we need. More stuff flinging at me from a screen… I don’t know if that’s creativity. The first few times it was novel, but I think we’re going to want to see some kind of evolutionary step and creativity in using 3D that will really drive consumer demand. [...]

Other than copying what other people are doing or just trying to sell you a TV, I want to see that creative movement going forward. So I’m not a non-believer in 3D; I just think it’s a technology in the home which is still in an incubation phase.

- Phil Spencer

Kinect’s possibilities

Spencer on the possibilites of Kinect show in the E3 2009 trailer:

The technology is the same. With platform evolution there’s code that goes in and code that comes out and code that gets fixed and code that gets added. The important thing for us was thinking about the play sessions that we really wanted to support. For us, that was about multiple people playing in the home.

- Phil Spencer

And on extending the console cycle of the Xbox 360 with Kinect and software:

We are significantly adding to our platform this fall with Kinect – not only from a hardware standpoint but from a software standpoint. Does this extend life for the 360? Absolutely. Right now when we look at our hardware we’re very comfortable with the kind of experiences we can bring to market and we think Kinect opens up a whole new opportunity.

- Phil Spencer

All in all an insightful interview! Do you feel that Phil Spencer answered some of the questions that you were wanting to see answered? What would you have asked if you were in one room with this guy?

Thanks EuroGamer.

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