Body and Brain Connection DLC incoming (incl. screenshots) kinect newsNamco Bandai just released an upcoming add-on pack for Dr.Kawashima’s Body and Brain Exercises exclusively on Xbox 360′s Kinect! Besides the released Higher Learning I pack, a Higher Learning II pack will also reach us at the end of April.  The Higher Learning add-on packs include additional exercises and new gameplay modes for players to engage their minds and bodies as they solve math, logic, reflex, memory and physical related exercises. Higher Learning I is available as of now, and Higher Learning II will arrive end of April.

Checkout some screenshots and additional info after the break, to help you make up your mind on a possible purchase!

Body and Brain Training Kinect DLC

Higher Learning I

Higher Learning I – Available on the 23rd of March 2011 (400 Microsoft Points)

· Hit and Step – Memorize the order of hand and feet icons as they appear onscreen.
· Figure It Out – Select the allotted shapes to construct a duplicate of the model object.
Endless Edition Mode
· Traffic Control – Create bridges with your arms to safely guide vehicles to the other side of the screen.
· Math Jock – Kick the soccer ball with the correct solution to the math problem at the top of the screen.
Duel Mode
· What Time Is It? – Move your arms like the hour and minutes hand of a clock to point out the displayed time.
· Touch ‘n Go – Use your hands to help keep PAC-MAN and Pooka safe from the Ghosts.

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Higher Learning II

Higher Learning II – Available end of April (400 Microsoft Points)

· Mime Games – Strike the same pose as the on-screen avatar.
· Even Split – Split the Ferris Wheel into two equal halves!
Endless Edition Mode
· Mouse Mayhem – Hit the mice with your hands and feet as they appear!
· Touch ‘n Go – Use your hands to help keep PAC-MAN and Pooka safe from the Ghosts.
Duel Mode
· Follow the Arrows – Use your arms to mimic the arrows that light up on screen.
· Strike a Pose – Mimic the pose of the missing avatar.

DLC Screenshot Gallery

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