So far, we’ve seen plenty of interesting and innovative ways one could use Kinect. But probably nothing as cool as Marco Tempest did in his most recent TED talk. In this video, he’s using Kinect to tell a story of what magic is. And it looks pretty great!

A combination of three different systems was used to compose the visual effects of each scenes. The »global magic dust«, which is based on and controlled by the Kinect depth image, the »hand magic dust«, that we placed particle emitters via hand-tracking onto Marcos hands for to emphasize his movements, and the »custom magic dust«, which allowed us to picture very different elements, as for instance appearing party guests, typography or flying fireballs and bullets made out of particles.
This video shows how much more can be done with Kinect. Where do you think Kinect is going to be used next?

Source: Oninformative Via: I started something