Call of Duty with Kinect! kinect news

Call of Duty can actually be played with Kinect!

Playing hardcore games with Kinect…it has been the question on the mind of a lot of gamers. Now, thanks to Kinect working on Windows, and some genius hacking, we might have just gotten a glimps of how this might look, because… Call of Duty is actually playable with Kinect! Read on for more information.

Call of Duty on Kinect, it’s hardcore!

So Call of Duty was made working on Kinect. The hack uses a combination of the Kinect sensor, and the Wiimote. The Wiimote is used for moving and shooting and Kinect is used for everything else. Have a look at the video and be amazed!

So what we saw is that the Wiimote nunchuck is used in this Call of Duty hack to move you around. All tracking is done by Kinect, so the Wiimote is just providing buttons for moving around and pulling the weapon trigger.

Kinect takes care of these body input methods:

  • Lean left and right by leaning your body
  • Swap weapons by quickly sticking out your left arm
  • Reload by bringing your hands together
  • Look down the weapon sight by sticking out your right arm
  • Jump and duck by actually jumping and ducking
  • Execute a melee attack by quickly sticking out your left arm
  • Throw a grenade by making a throwing motion with your left arm

I think this is clear evidence of that hardcore gaming on Kinect will be possible, and will provide for a more fun and more emmersive experience. Microsoft…please create a nunchuck style controller for Kinect and let me play Call of Duty on Xbox 360 with Kinect. Please!

Are you guys just as amazed and excited as I am? Do you see the possibility of having hardcore Kinect games like this? And do you think Microsoft will ever create a controller for Kinect? Please let me know in the comments, I’d love to know what you guys think about this!