Microsoft are giving away the excellent “family-friendly survival-horror” Kinect game Haunt for free until July 2nd as a promotional offer for the launch of a new section of the dashboard called Kinect Central! Unfortunately the offer is currently only available in the USA, although apparently if you live outside of the USA you can just make a USA account and access the offer through that. (I haven’t tried it myself though, since I’ve already bought the game.) Here’s more info about the Haunt promotional offer from Major Nelson:

As part of a new dashboard feature that launched today in the US called ‘Kinect Central’ –  the Xbox LIVE Arcade title ‘Haunt’ will be FREE for a limited time!  This promotion runs in the US from Tuesday, June 26th through Monday, July 2nd and can only be accessed on the new ‘Kinect Central’ homepage on your dashboard.  So head on over and get your free game.

And here’s more info about Kinect Central from PlayXBLA:

‘Kinect Central’ is a destination for all Kinect gaming experiences updated weekly, home to hundreds of Kinect games, demos and more. Go to ‘Kinect Central’ to check out what’s new, what’s popular, and weekly deals like the ‘Haunt’ game for FREE!

Plus a reminder from dirtyvu:

Again, do not look for Haunt in the games marketplace as it’ll be the normal 800 Microsoft points ($10). Look in the Kinect Central hub. 

Source: MajorNelson,PlayXBLA
Thanks to 123KINECT visitor dirtyvu and Darrell Elliott for submitting this news!