A Kinect Christmas, according to GameStop kinect news

It’ll be Kinect Christmas, according to GameStop (a US retailer). They picked Kinect as the first round winner in the Great Motion Controller War of 2010. When asked whether Microsoft’s Kinect add-on or Sony’s Move would come out on top this Christmas, senior VP of merchandising and marketing Bob McKenzie told Eurogamer, “I’d say right now Microsoft’s Kinect is looking to be the winner of the two for us.

Kinect Family

We’re very happy with the sell through over the weekend. It has met our expectations and actually exceeded our initial forecasts.

Looking good Kinect, looking good!

I do have them both obviously and the Move sports bundle is a great option,but I knew for my family – with an eight-year-old daughter and ten-year-old boy – that Kinect was really going to be the thing that was more geared towards my household.

Kinect Christmas

Microsoft recently up-scaled its sales expectations for Kinect from three million to five million by Christmas, citing exceptional demand for the hands-free controller. We predicted months ago that Kinect will win this Christmas. Comparatively, Sony has a similar target for its Move peripheral but has had another month on sale. What’s your prediction? Be sure to shop for Xbox Kinect right here.

Yesterday we were able to publish our top 10 of Kinect Games, check it out to get an idea for what’s going to be hot this Christmas.

Source: Eurogamer.