Eurogamer, usually a reliable source, reports that “At least 10 non-sequel Kinect games will be announced at trade show E3 next month.” Confirmed by multiple sources, one stating that the games  “won’t be obvious” while another claimed Microsoft is expected to “serve the hardcore” at E3 with its Kinect announcements.

Kinect Sports 2

Besides this, Eurogamer also writes that Rare is set to unveil the (obvious) Kinect Sports 2 scheduled for release “Christmas 2011”, as a successor to the most popular Kinect game to date: Kinect sports. Next to Kinect Sports 2, the developer Rare is reportedly also working on a second Kinect game that is building on new IP, but further details are not known. Be sure to join in on the Kinect Sports 2 discussion and your thoughts in our Kinect forums.

Dance Central 2

Hardcore games, Kinect Sports 2 what else would be great for us Kinect gamers? Eurogamer reports:

An announcement relating to Xbox 360 Christmas 2011 launch exclusivity for Dance Central 2 is “highly likely”

Dance Central 2 would definitely be a great addition to the Kinect game portfolio: Now, how about adding online multiplayer Harmonix?

There are more rumors around Kinect games, especially around E3 so we made sure we listed them all, sorted by likeliness of release. Please refer you to our list of upcoming Kinect games for more info. I don’t know about you, but let’s hope Microsoft will hit home run this E3, and prove that Kinect is capable of more than we can imagine at this point.

Be sure to tune in on 123KINECT around E3, as the Microsoft conference will unfold their plans for Kinect at Monday, June 6, 2011 (9:00AM – Pacific Time). The E3 conference will be held from 7th of June to 9th of June 2011 in Los Angeles Convention Center [more info].

What new games would you like to see at E3? Be sure to leave a comment below!