Kinect’s Creative Director: Kudo Tsunoda, spoke with oxm after the Microsoft presentation yesterday. He spoke about the difficulties of working with innovative technology and states that even though the technology can be out (like Kinect is) it can take years to reach the full potential!

Kinect is maturing

Kudo says that it’s hard to work with new innovative technology like the Kinect sensor:

It’s just always the hard thing when you work in the industry, that lots of times the innovations that we’re able to play with in our office, really don’t make it into the consumer’s hands for one year, two years, sometimes even three years.

And we’ve seen exactly what he is saying yesterday at the Microsoft presentation: Object Scanning and Finger Tracking! The Kinect sensor was capable of doing this all along, just that it took about a year to actually create an application that is working with the technology.

What does this mean?

If you think about this, it is actually great to hear that it’s taking some time. It basically means that next E3 we’ll probably see a whole bunch of brand new possibilities for our existing Kinect sensor, and the year after again! Quite possibly we can’t even imagine today what games are possible with the Kinect sensor in two to three years.

So, if you are for now still a bit disappointed with the capabilities of the Kinect sensor…then just give it some time. Greater stuff will come, just give the people working with it some time to get used to the technology E3 2011: Kinect creator says technology like Kinect needs time e3 2011

Source: Official Xbox Magazine

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