KinectBox1 600x150 Kinect customers get free demo disc!

Kinect sensor comes with a free copy of Kinect Adventures which will contain 6 core adventures for you to take part in. However, there’s more content packed in the disk which you don’t know of!

Read on to find out which Kinect game demos are on the disc.

Kinect Games Demo disc

Every disc of Kinect Adventures will come with demos of Dance Central, Kinect Joyride and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved (read all about the individual games on our Kinect Games List).

Kinect is scheduled to release on November 4 in the US (When does Kinect launch in my country?), pre-orders have been really good for the motion sensor so far and are expected to be unavailable this Christmas.

How do you feel about Microsoft handing out Kinect demo discs? In my view it’s brilliant as some of these people may not know what else is possible with Kinect. Also, they may not know how Xbox LIVE works right of the bat, so: very good move Microsoft in giving away a free demo disc!

Can’t find Kinect Demo Disc?

On our Kinect Forums, fervor Wrote:

Argh, figured it out. I was being a bit stupid. There is a smallish link in the corner on the title splash screen. But I’m so used to automatically skipping through splash screens, I didn’t see it. Once you get past the title screen, there are no more links nor are there links in the dashboard…this is where I was stuck.

Thanks Rawad for noticing this!

Source: EverythingforGamers

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