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Dance Central

Published by MTV Games, the fully-featured rhythm game Dance Central, will offer 600 moves and 90 routines when it launches alongside Kinect in November. It’ll also support up to three players and, as with Harmonix’s other titles, will have post-launch downloadable content (DLC), which are extra tracks that you can download after they become available. Earlier, Dance Central Project Lead Kasson Crooker tells Joystiq that:

the game’s downloadable content will cost more than the $2 Rock Band standard, [because] the complexity involved makes DLC for Dance Central significantly different from that offered in Rock Band”, and Crooker noted, “that we can expect to hear more on pricing closer to the game’s ship date later this year.

The complexity is in several things. Crooker explains: “Because [Dance Central DLC] comes with a brand new unique routine with the three difficulties, we have to: engage the choreographer, find the song, license the song, come up with a routine, get them into a [motion capture] suit, shoot all the choreography, integrate the animation, build the filter system, the flash cards, the [voiceover] for ‘Break it Down’ – it’s a pretty elaborate process that is not only a lot more expensive, but a lot more time consuming.”

It does make sense that there is a greater complexity involved, but do you think it is fair that Harmonix asks for more money per song than with Rockband?

For more on dance central see this post, where people tried Kinect and this game in the Microsoft Store and danced like they were Lady Gaga.


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