Kinect Dashboard VIDEO – Calibration and Experience! special

In this autumn’s updates of the Xbox Dashboard, Kinect  is one of the major parts of the update! In the video below the interaction of a person with the Xbox through Kinect is shown. Someone using motion control to navigate the Xbox Dashboard! In this demo the Voice control is also setup, Kinect is being calibrated and ESPN features are shown. Next to all the Kinect support, the Xbox update includes a new look and feel, and an improvement for services like Netflix and Zune.

Continue to see the footage of using Kinect with the Xbox Dashboard!

Kinect Dashboard Video (Kinect Hub)

In the words of Rawad, a frequent visitor of 123Kinect, who was kind enough to share this news with us:

The video goes through the interesting proccess of Setting up kinect, such as tilting the camera, and scanning your body, it also shows how your face is scanned and bio tagged to your Xbox Live account, which was cool to watch. It also shows some things on the Kinect hub, and the language selector tool, which had options to pinpoint where you live, so Kinect would pick up on your accent Kinect Dashboard VIDEO – Calibration and Experience! special

So, what’s your take on this video? Do you feel that Kinect movement through the Dashboard will be sluggish, or you simply blown away by the ease with which this will work comfortable on your couch? Either way, ordering Kinect may not be such a bad idea, as getting one may prove to be hard later on!

Thanks Rawad, for submitting this video and GameSpot for recording it!