ipadKinect Kinect is dethroning Apples iPad

Kinect is selling 2 times as fast as the iPad!

Apple’s latest super trendy gadget, the iPad, has been selling extremely well. So well that during its launch it was even the fastest adopted electronic device ever. But the iPad has now been officially dethroned, and its record has been more than shattered!

Kinect selling twice as fast as iPad

The iPad sold about 2 million pieces after 2 months. Kinect on the other hand did the same, but in only 25 days. This means that Kinect is selling about twice as fast as the iPad during its introduction and makes Kinect with that the fastest adopted electronic device ever!

Ofcourse these numbers include Black Friday sales so they are a little favoured towards Kinect, but still…TWICE AS MANY! Kinect is definitely something, and the public is adopting it at an insane rate! I guess this earlier prediction cannot be far from the truth.

The only problem with these huge numbers is that there is a little bit of a shortage, but if you don’t own Kinect yet, just keep trying the online stores and you’ll bound to find one available.

More Kinect sold equals more games

There is a big upside to these massive sales too of course: the more Kinect is sold, the more serious it will be taken by developers, the more games will be developed for it. In time this might even lead to the production of a massive flood of hardcore games!

All in all the future of Kinect looks very bright, and I seriously think this will become the new standard in gaming, especially after the hardcore games start flooding in! Don’t you guys agree?

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