Looking for a great Kinect game to play with your kids? Well, Kinect Disneyland Adventuresreveal at E3 may just bring you that. It’s a game where the makers are clearly trying you to be able to experience the Anaheim Disney theme park in your home using Kinect. Walk around Disney’s park, hug Mickey and other Disney characters, do some dancing, and visit Fantasy land with attractions (or games / stories) you want to play and just have fun I guess.

Enjoy the magical ride!

Disneyland Adventures trailer

Disneyland Adventures Gameplay

These videos are definitely worth the view, partially because the guy that’s playing it is really enthusiastic.

Now that you’ve had a chance to draw your own conclusions, let’s see what the game critics actually have to say about this Kinect game? Well, Destructoid had two previews of this game. Preview #1 (Dale) was intensely optimistic about the vast amount of content that Disney’s putting in to give you and me the optimal Disney experience:

The eight lands of Disneyland are represented in the game. In our demo there were 12 attractions that could be visited, but more will be in the final. When it’s all said and done there will be 110 meet-and-greet characters and over 100 quests for park visitors to complete. They’ve managed to pack in 80 years worth of Disney animation into this virtual park visit. They’ve also managed to squeeze in all of the little key moments you’ll experience in the real parks, meaning you’ll see key landmarks from the worlds and rides in your journeys. Park frequenters will definitely see that the development team worked to put in all the iconic park moments.

and concluded that “Kinect Disneyland Adventures is less of a game and more of a virtual experience — it’s like getting to explore the Disney park without the lines or $8 lemonade.”

That’s similar to preview #2 (Chad) that showed:

The most impressive part, by far, is the recreation of the park. It is perfect.

Unfortunately, what does not seem to be perfect yet is running around in this perfect world, as Chad sees “trouble being accurate when walking around the park.” Unfortunately, for Chad the game’s fun ended with the walk through the park, but this may be due to his age:

Will anyone that’s not a little kid have fun with Disneyland Adventures (read: me!)? I sure hope so. I really want to love this game.

Besides some of the controls that according to Chad need some polishing, this game looks already pretty polished to me. Whether the game will deliver or not may not even matter, as the strong instant first appeal together with the amount of content this game is bound to make it a massive hit this Christmas.

Let’s hope this Disney themed Kinect game deserves to be that hit based on its quality of execution, rather than its brand name and iconic characters! If you’re already convinced, then reserve a copy right here.

Source: GamerFitNation,D'toid