Kinect isn’t just for games. We know this, and luckily Microsoft does too as they share their view of what they define to be the ‘Kinect Effect’.

We built Kinect to revolutionize the way you play games and how you experience entertainment. But along the way, people started using Kinect in ways we never imagined. From helping children with autism, to helping doctors in the operating room, people are taking Kinect beyond games. And that’s what we call the Kinect Effect.

We heard about this effect before (as the video above reiterates), but now Microsoft uploaded inspiring videos around Kinect and its effect on all of us on their Xbox website. Check ‘m out below.

New Kinect Effect Videos

From an earlier post, you may also be interested in a more futuristic outlook on Kinect and healthcare.

Inspiring Kinect ‘hacks’

Which one of the above videos impresses you the most and best shows what we may expect from Kinect the following months or even years, in your view?

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