Peter Molyneux, the man behind Fable: The Journey, who will leave Microsoft soon, has said we’re only now beginning to see what Kinect can really do. After recently classifying the traditional controller as f-ing boring, the good man explains how young Kinect still really is.

Kinect is still new

“It’s just like any piece of new technology or invention, whether it’s a bike, a motorcar, or a flying machine. We as human beings just expect way too much, far too soon,” Molyneux told GameInformer.

“We expect the first wave of titles to be the most amazing, incredible things. We don’t think deeply enough about what actually can happen in the second and third wave of titles.

“Now the second wave is just coming, and we’re starting to realize that it’s very deep, it’s very refined, we really can look at the way you move and that’s what I love celebrating.”

Doing the wrong things, right

Approaching Kinect in the wrong way (as a designer) is easy, Molyneux explains. “The first thing you do is, you tend to be a bit lazy. You think ‘How am I gonna get Kinect to do this, which is so easy to do on a controller?’” he said.

“That’s completely the wrong way to think. What Kinect is is a very analog experience, and what it enables you to do is deal with just how different human beings are. In Fable: The Journey, if I used Kinect and it forced you to sit a certain way and forced you to throw a certain way and forced you to emote in a certain way, I think that would be the worst thing I could do.

“The best thing I can do is celebrate how different you are and how analog you are and how the imprecision is actually a huge benefit.”

As an example of how motion controls could be, Molyneux talked about The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword as that game just got it right in terms of Wii motion controls. “I think that’s the same thing, is that they’re celebrating the good things about motion controls and not focusing on the bad. I’m really, really enjoying that game,” he said.

How is Kinect living up to your expectations? If you’re looking for more of Molyneux’s vision on Kinect, please hit the source link below and take some time to read the entire interview.

Source: GI