Kinect brings the hurt kinect news

Yes, Kinect can cause some pain...

All Kinect games show a little warning before playing, saying that you should have ample room for movement around you, and that you should be able to move your arms freely. If you ignore this warning some pretty bad (or funny) stuff can happen. Read on for a prime example of this.

Kinect fail video

Check the video below for some first hand education on why you should have enough room around you while playing Kinect.

For anyone that is curious, the kid in the video was not hurt at all and is totally okay. The mother commented on the clip:

My daughter is fine she doesn’t even have any bruises this morning, so we can watch it and laugh now!

But it’s not only humans that can get hurt, check the video below and you’ll know what I mean.

So now you know: always make sure you have enough room around you and be prepared for other objects (kids, cats) trying to invade that space Kinect brings the hurt kinect news .

Thanks to everyone that brought this to our attention!

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