Kinect fans….get ready to be blown away, because what you are about to see is huge! We found a video where a new Xbox feature is demonstrated: ‘Kinect Fun Labs‘. The Kinect Fun Labs seem to be a collection of Kinect mini games in which you can experiment and have fun with a multitude of tools. More importantly, it shows new Kinect features! Kinect Fun Labs is now available for free download on Xbox Live.

These are the apps that are available according to the video along with their new Kinect features:

Build a Buddy

This app supports the much wanted and never before presented Object Scanning! That’s right, you will finally be able to digitize your favorite real items, and bring them right into the world of your Xbox! The video shows a pluche toy being scanned and afterward it looks like it has been turned into a fully functional 3D object. This is amazing stuff!

Kinect Googly Eyes

The next app looks kinda similar to the previous Build a Buddy app: you can again scan in a real object using Object Scanning, but this time you can BE that object. I assume that Kinect will on the fly generate a skeleton for the object so it can map it to your own movement. I imagine this being used together with an Avatar Kinect like application to create the most fun chat application ever!

Kinect Me

Kinect Me allows you to take a picture of you own face and create an avatar that looks exactly like you. Awesome for Avatar supported games and even more awesome for Avatar Kinect!

Bobble Head

This app allows you to create a virtual bobble head of yourself. It probably uses the same technology as Kinect Me, just with a different twist to it.

Kinect Sparklers

Ready for this? Kinect Sparklers support Finger Tracking! You can write light in a semi-3D image with your finger and use the extreme precision of the Kinect sensor! There must be an Kinect accuracy update coming to make this all possible!

Have fun and share

All the applications allow you to take photos and videos of what you are playing with and share those through the hub. You can of course also see what kind of goofy things your friends did with their Fun Labs!

Check out the video of the labs below:

So object scanning and finger tracking and a whole bunch of new Kinect fun things to do! Exiting stuff isn’t it?

Kinect Fun Labs Screens