Kinect Fight Night Champion

Kinect Fight Night: Can you handle it?

EA Sports is seriously considering and currently prototyping a Fight Night game that would support Kinect. This is great news especially as EA Sports disregarded Kinect support in the last Tiger Woods game.

It’s definitely something we’re looking at. We’ve done some pretty cool prototyping.

According to producer Mike Mahar, the Kinect-enabled boxing game might be a completely separate game or a mini-game within Fight Night.

Fight Night Champion for Kinect

Fight Night Champion is expected to be out next month and it does not support Kinect or Move. However, the good news is that EA Sports is looking into making a Fight Night game which will integrate motion controls. The producer Mike Mahar gives more details on the plans.

Undeniably at some point we’re going to want to integrate motion controls into our game somehow, whether that’s in a mini-game or a separate game I don’t know.

The difficulty that appears with having a control-free boxing game is that most people, or most gamers, don’t have such a great fitness to complete a Fight Night game.

Right now the best simulation experience we can give users is through a conventional controller. I also think that most of our users don’t want to, and can’t, punch for 10 rounds! I just don’t think people are capable of it! If you’re going to make a full fighting game it might be a different experience than a Fight Night or an MMA.

As far as how this game will be brought to the market, Mike Mahar adds:

It could perhaps be a mini-game embedded in [Fight Night]. Then again with how precise and how robust the movement and motion controls are now, I think we’d be doing them a disservice if we simply said that our version of a motion control game is a mini-game within Fight Night.

I think we’d best serve the community, if we’re going to do anything ever, with a totally different game. That’s the speculation on my part.

How do you think EA Sports’ boxing game will be compared to Kinect Sports boxing? Will it offer a more real-life experience or not?

Source: Eurogamer.