Up until now, fighters have had limited options when it comes to games on the Xbox Kinect. Fighters Uncaged and  Kung Fu Panda 2 was the closest you would get to an actual fighting experience on the Kinect. This, while fighting games seem so extremely suited to be a Kinect experience as was demonstrated in the E3 2009 trailer (fast forward to 20 seconds to see the fighting part):

That’s why it comes as no surprise that Premium Agency is working on a new, as yet unknown, fighting game for Kinect. What does come as a surprise however is that industry expert and pioneer in arcade game development Yu Suzuki is now part of the team that is developing this Kinect fighting game. Suzuki will take a role as executive producer and advisor to a number of social and mobile projects, but also will oversee games for living-room devices.

Premium Agency

Suzuki-san told Develop that he’s been “[interested in] the idea of integration of technology and entertainment faithfully as a game producer.” He enjoys the group’s “pioneer spirit”, as well as its aim to deliver games with global appeal. Premium Agency is best known in the west for their games around Naruto.

Earlier, Yu Suzuki has been involved in games like Hang-on, Space Harrier, Out Run, After Burner, Virtua Fighter and the Shenmue duo.

Let’s hope we hear a bit more about this Kinect title at E3 next week!

Source: Develop
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