kinectretail FINAL: Kinect price is $149.99, includes Kinect Adventures

The question of Kinect pricing is over … if there still was any question. As was widely assumed – and widely listed on retailers, from Amazon to Microsoft itself – the Xbox‘s newfangled motion-sensing camera will retail for $149.99 this fall. Pre order yours!

Next to this, it is now also clear what the price of Kinect Games will be. While most stores have been listing Kinect software for the usual $60 Xbox asking price, Microsoft’s Major Nelson released it on  his website, “All of our Kinect retail games, from a first-party standpoint – Kinectimals, Kinect Sports, Kinect Joy Ride – will all be retailing for $49.” Microsoft also prices Dance Central, Harmonix’s Kinect-powered rhythm game (and probably the hit of the launch season) at $50. Below you will find an overview of prices.

That $149.99 hardware price also comes with a copy of Kinect Adventures. Microsoft promises that those who pre order Kinect or the Xbox 360 Kinect Console Bundle “today” will “receive a token to download three exclusive game levels for Kinect Adventures.” Are you going to pre-order Kinect, now that you know its price and pricing of the games?

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