Remember the original trailer for Kinect or, how it was called back then, Project Natal? At some point, it showed these girls virtually trying on clothes with the use of Kinect. Something like that has been actually done in a clothing store in Russia.

Shopping with Kinect and augmented reality

AR Door, a Russian company, created a virtual fitting room for a collection of dresses using augmented reality and Kinect and installed it in a Moscow Topshop store between 5th and 8th May. By standing in front of the sensor, the customer could see herself on a screen where she could try out a 3D version of the dresses from the collection. With only a hand movement, they could go through the collection and see how each dress looked on them.

Although this implementation was not considering sizes and measurements, Kinect can accurately calculate sizes. If this solution is improved to include size detection as well, then it would represent a huge potential for online shops. Who wants to stay in line for a fitting room anyway? Not to mention going through the hassle of actually trying on the clothes.

Check out the video from the shop below.

Kinect Fitting room for Topshop

Source: gamepron