Just after Microsoft announced that the Kinect for Windows SDK is getting a commercial license (which can have a massive impact on our way of living: check this video), a new version of the Beta SDK has been released along with a sleek new accompanying website!

Kinect SDK Beta 2

For those that have been busy with the Software Development Kit of Kinect you might be interested in the second version of this beta, which includes faster and improved skeletal tracking, improved joint tracking and status change support. The Kinect SDK Beta 2 is free to download and free to use as long as you don’t make any money with it. The commercial version of the SDK is expected early next year.

A new website

In anticipation of the big impact that Kinect for Windows will have Microsoft has also come out with a brand new website. You can check it out here and browse around to find out what the possibilities of the Kinect SDK are.