Microsoft have revealed their latest plans for Kinect For Windows, including releasing it in more countries this Autumn starting with China on October 8th then later in Chile, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, and Poland. Here’s more info about some of the rest of Microsoft’s Kinect For Windows plans this Autumn from their MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) website:

In addition to making Kinect for Windows hardware available in seven new markets this fall, we will be releasing an update to the Kinect for Windows runtime and software development kit (SDK) on October 8. This release has numerous new features that deliver additional power to Kinect for Windows developers and business customers. We will share the full details when it’s released on October 8, but in the meantime here are a few highlights:

  • Enable businesses to do more with Kinect for Windows
    We are committed to opening up even more opportunities for the creation of new end user experiences. We’ll be adding features such as expanded sensor data access—including color camera settings and extended depth data—to continue to inspire innovative uses of the Kinect for Windows technology in new and different places.
  • Improve developer efficiency
    We continue to invest in making our platform easier and more powerful for developers. That’s why we’ll be releasing more tools and samples in October, such as a new sample that demonstrates a “best in class” UI based on the Kinect for Windows Human Interface Guidelines.
  • Extend our Windows tools and operating system support
    We want to make it easy for our customers to be able to build and deploy on a variety of Windows platforms. Our October update will include support for Windows 8 desktop applications, Microsoft .NET 4.5, and Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.

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