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[8/10] Rhythm Party Review: Fun dancing that let's you be creative!

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[8/10] Rhythm Party Review: Fun dancing that let's you be creative!
02-08-2012, 11:46 AM (This post was last modified: 02-13-2012 03:41 AM by dirtyvu.)
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[8/10] Rhythm Party Review: Fun dancing that let's you be creative!
Rhythm Party

[Image: rhythmparty.jpg]
  • Official site link
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Genre: Dance
  • Players: 1
  • Xbox Live supported?: Yes, online leaderboard only
  • Uses avatars?: No
  • Age group: 3+

Rhythm Party - The good
  • Sharp colorful graphics and audio soundtrack
  • Simple game mechanics that allow creativity
  • Very easy for anyone to play but rewards you for doing complex moves
  • Records 2 videos of each of your performances
  • Inexpensive dancing with possible DLC in the future

Rhythm Party - The not so good
  • Only comes with 10 songs
  • You have to make your own dance routine
  • Cannot upload videos

Rhythm Party - Introduction

Rhythm Party is a dance game from one of the pioneers of dancing games, Naoki Maeda, who was responsible for Dance Dance Revolution and Dance Masters/Dance Evolution. It is an Xbox Live Arcade game that offers fast gameplay and easy accessibility for all ages. It comes with 10 songs, including: Lady Gaga - Born This Way, Bobby Brown - Every Little Step, Village People - Y.M.C.A., Shanice - A Midnight Rendezvous, Des-ROW Ft. Vanilla Ice - Still unbreakable, Des-ROW Ft. Vanilla Ice - BEFREE, Des-ROW Ft. Maxi Priest - SAY A PRAYER, Design-MAD crew - Summer Fairytale, NAOKI feat. Becca Hossany - HEARTBREAK (Sound Selektaz remix), jun feat. Lisa Lisa - All Thu The Night.

Rhythm Party - Kinect experience

Menu navigation in this game is completely unique to any other Kinect title out there so there can be a slight learning curve in how to navigate it. However, it is similar to its spiritual predecessor in Dance Masters/Dance Evolution. The big benefit of the unique user interface is that you do not need to have any fine movement and you do not need to hold your hand for a designated amount of time. You raise your left hand when you want to select "okay", put your hand to the left side to go "back", and use your right hand to navigate songs.

Before you begin a performance, you can choose how your body will be presented whether it is a colored outline, a blocky representation, or an antialiased image of your actual body and clothes.

The game makes 2 videos of each of your performances which can be saved. One video is the original RGB video that shows you dancing in your play space. The other video shows your body dancing in the music video. The videos are some of the best videos made by a Kinect game.

Rhythm Party - Graphics

Rhythm Party is a vibrant, colorful game with some great special effects. None of the graphics are groundbreaking but they are very sharp and would look like some impressive cartoon. While the blocky outline and color outline representations of your body do not look particularly interesting, the actual antialiased image of your body looks very good.

There are neat effects that are unique to each music video. For example, as you are performing one of the songs, robotic parts will get grafted to your body so by the end of the song, you are dancing as a robot.

Rhythm Party - Gameplay

There are a total of 10 songs in Rhythm Party, with 4 difficulty levels per song: Light, Standard, Extreme, and Master. Each higher difficulty increases the complexity and what you are expected to perform.

The core of the gameplay is that there are hollow circles called ripples that appear around the screen. You then see colored circles which are called timing balls move toward the ripples. As long as your hand, foot, or body part is in the hollow circle when the colored circle intersects it, you will score points. If your hand is in position early or on time, you get a Perfect, if you're a little late, you'll get a Good, and if you're very late, you'll get a Bad. At higher complexities, you will have to do more such as swiping your limb in a particular direction (which is called a slash ripple) or holding a position (called a lock ripple). As long as you score all these ripples, you can perform any move you like in-between these circle gestures.

And the more you get creative, the more points you will score. As you perform tricks, your trick gauge will increase. For example, instead of the typical left hand in the left circle, you can try putting your right hand in the left circle. You can be jumping while holding the circles. You can do spin moves. You can use your foot in the circles if you can reach. The more creative you get, the more points you get so long as you have your limb in the circle at the right time.

It's more Twister than Twister Mania in many ways as you often have to reach a ripple with your foot while simultaneously reaching for a pair of ripples with your hands. In fact, at the higher difficulty levels, moves come fast and heavy so you will definitely get all twisted up.

Game Name - Multiplayer options

There are no multiplayer game modes and Xbox Live support is restricted on online leaderboards.


Rhythm Party completely took me by surprise. It was completely off my radar and if there was no demo to try, I would not have hesitated to avoid it. I did not enjoy Dance Masters at all as I felt the dancing was contrived and overly complicated. This game took the good elements from that title and completely revamped everything else.

This game rewards you for creativity and makes this game completely original. No longer are you just miming a professional routine but getting trick points for jumps, spins, etc. People of all ages can play this. A child who cannot memorize a routine but can touch the circles on the screen and can jump around can do fine in this game. But if you are a dancer who can do nifty dance tricks in rhythm, you'll get bonus points as well. Most importantly, this game lets you be silly without penalizing you for it.

The reason I gave the game an 8 is 1) there are only 10 songs with no immediate information on whether DLC will be regularly released, 2) the music selection is eclectic and fits a person who loves DDR music, 3) there is no way to upload your videos to your PC or to a site like Youtube or Facebook, and 4) there is no multiplayer, either local or online. If the game offered a way to upload your creations, I would've bumped it up to a 9.

The release trailer listed songs not on the tracklist so there must be some available songs coming soon via DLC. I definitely plan on adding songs if they're reasonably priced.

But at 800 Microsoft points ($10), it's a good value at $1/song. These are also full retail versions of the songs, not abbreviated clips like in the high-end retail dance offerings. If you like dancing or you remember the times when you were a kid, turned on the stereo, and just jumped around, you'll like this game. There is a demo of the game available so give it a try.

[Image: screenlg2.jpg]

[Image: screenlg4.jpg]

[Image: screenlg7.jpg]


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03-09-2012, 08:19 PM
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RE: [8/10] Rhythm Party Review: Fun dancing that let's you be creative!
some gameplay videos... she's straight up dancing. the only thing she is doing is step tricks...

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03-10-2012, 08:31 PM
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RE: [8/10] Rhythm Party Review: Fun dancing that let's you be creative!

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