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[Accessories] Intec G8692 Xbox Kinect Sports Pack

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[Accessories] Intec G8692 Xbox Kinect Sports Pack
09-17-2011, 07:44 AM
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[Accessories] Intec G8692 Xbox Kinect Sports Pack
Intec G8692 Xbox Kinect Sports Pack

[Image: 0080492608692_180X180.jpg]
  • Cost: $30 USD (average)
  • Quantity: 6 pieces
  • Description: Unleash your Kinect with the Intec G8692 Xbox Kinect Sports Pack. The Intec G8692 Xbox Kinect Sports Pack includes a variety of six essential accessories to dominate your competition.
  • Features:
    - Racing wheel
    - Golf club
    - Baseball bat
    - Tennis racket
    - Sword
    - Wrist strap
  • Pics:
    [Image: wp000003.jpg]

    [Image: wp000004g.jpg]

Some more Wii replicas, except these seem to be a little bit higher quality. The image every store uses is false advertising so be warned! There is only 1 handle, it interlocks into each accessory. There is an actual lock button on each accessory and they snap onto the handle. The handle itself has foam like molded around it, so its foam and plastic. Everything is xbox Gen1 colors...not sure why, but whatever.

The sword/bat are complete foam, the bat feels really flimsy to be honest. I can see someone easily ripping it off. The tennis racquet is hard plastic, as is the golf club. The steering wheel has some foam inserts on the 10/2 positions, the rest is hard plastic. The golf club is also retractable but its only like 6".

My first test was with table tennis since I didn't have Virtua Tennis 4 to test with. Well, being its a racquet and not a paddle, it doesn't work well at all! Not because of detection, but because my hand alone is faster. The racquet actually creates resistance, so it was harder to swing than using my hand. I'm not sure what the future holds if games start using object detection for this stuff.

My next test was the sword. I loaded up fruit ninja. Here's something I found strange I had to take a pic of:

[Image: wp000015.jpg]

Yes that is the sword and wrist strap as well as my phone being detected. Now what's wierd, is I was testing my left hand vs. right hand sword. The left hand was slower, however bigger slice strikes if that makes sense? The sword was faster, however smaller strike sizes. So I thought to myself, well maybe MS is doing some testing or something. Surely nicktoons won't pick up anything except me.

So I load that one up and use the bat:

[Image: wp000016m.jpg]

Nope this one has the bat too...so now I'm wondering how much are these things screwing the games up? I attempted to bat in the game...taking my normal stance, it felt so much better to actually hold something...It was even letting me do half practice swings like the real deal. I take a couple swing, hit a couple balls and then I have the bat behind/beside my head and bam, same stupid issue, it lost tracking and decided to swing itself. So I'm not sure what my conclusion is, these accessories seem to behave different in every game. The real question is are the games actually tracking it or what? I think I'm going to hold onto these unless an "official" peripheral manufacturer is announced.

[Image: TheZeeMan.png]
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09-17-2011, 11:18 AM
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Information RE: [Accessories] Intec G8692 Xbox Kinect Sports Pack
Quote:So I'm not sure what my conclusion is, these accessories seem to behave different in every game. The real question is are the games actually tracking it or what?

The games will only track an object as an object if they're programmed to, which is why I think Fruit Ninja was programmed to since everybody I've seen in videos & commenting seem to say it works fine with swords. Kinect itself will always see & track what you're holding but unless it's told to it will get confused and think it's part of your body which is why holding something bigger than maybe the handle in that pack will mess with most games' tracking. Although I think in some games the developer has programmed Kinect to ignore what you're holding so that it doesn't mess up the tracking, Virtua Tennis 4 might do this since Sega said you can hold a racquet if you want.

It's probably best to try to tuck the end of the wrist strap in if you can as well since having that hanging might affect tracking, especially since the recent update seems to have made Kinect more sensitive. (Like to baggy clothing.)

I think they're definitely worth trying with any games in the future just to see if they work properly with them then you can let us know if they're better to play with them. Kung Fu High Impact is supposed to have object tracking according to the developer so the sword and bat (and maybe racquet too, lol) should come in handy for that. Big Grin
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