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Arcade On-Rails Shooting Games For Kinect

Poll: Would You Like Classic Arcade Lightgun Games Released On XBLA For Kinect?
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Arcade On-Rails Shooting Games For Kinect
09-28-2011, 04:00 AM (This post was last modified: 09-28-2011 04:04 AM by Corellianrogue.)
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Exclamation Arcade On-Rails Shooting Games For Kinect
I've been thinking again of lightgun games and how they could be released for Kinect, without the need for a lightgun just aiming with your hand and firing either using gestures or a joypad in the other hand. There are loads of games I'd love to be released either because they're favourites I'd like to see re-released for Kinect or because they've never been released for a system I've owned. (And I don't use my PC for games so I don't count it.) I think these games can be released individually on XBLA and there could also be downloadable XBLA packs for some of the games, like an Operation Wolf collection for 800-1200msp, or collections on disc like a Virtua Cop collection or House Of The Dead collection.

I was going to put up a poll about which games you would like but there are so many of them so instead the poll will simply ask whether you would like classic arcade lightgun games released on XBLA for Kinect or not. These games could also be played with the joypad but I think it's more fun aiming with your hand plus you could hold a toy gun or something if you have one lying around somewhere. I'll list a load of games in this post and link them to videos so you can see what they're like if you've never seen/played them before and I'll list them from oldest to newest, obviously the newest look and usually play better:

The Operation Wolf games: Operation Wolf, Operation Thunderbolt, Operation Wolf 3, Operation Tiger (I couldn't find any videos of Operation Tiger so I linked to a scan of a flyer.)

Line Of Fire

Beast Busters

Mad Dog McCree 1&2 (This game is similar to The Gunstringer's Wavy Tubeman Chronicles DLC.)

Who Shot Johnny Rock?

Terminator 2: Judgement Day & Teminator Salvation (Terminator Salvation is much better as it's only a year or 2 old.)

The Lethal Enforcers games: Lethal Enforcers, Lethal Enforcers 2: Gunfighters Lethal Enforcers 3

Rail Chase & Rail Chase 2 (Rail Chase 2 is much better.)

Alien 3: The Gun & Aliens Extermination (Aliens Extermination is much better as it's only a few years old.)

Jurrassic Park and The Lost World - Jurassic Park 2 (Jurassic Park 2 is much better.)

The Point Blank games

The Virtua Cop games: Virtua Cop, Virtua Cop 2 & Virtua Cop 3

The Time Crisis games. (There are loads of games so I've just linked to the latest which is only 2 years old.)

The Area 51 arcade games. (I've just linked to video of the latest game I could find video of.)

Gunblade NY & L.A. Machineguns

The House Of The Dead games: House Of The Dead, House Of The Dead 2 (video of the Dreamcast version which is slightly better than the arcade version!), House Of The Dead 3, House Of The Dead 4 (House Of The Dead: Overkill wasn't released in the arcade, just on the Wii and coming soon on the PS3.)

Star Wars Trilogy Arcade (On-rails but not actually a lightgun game, but I'm including it anyway, lol! Also the video is of an emulated version so the graphics aren't perfect.)

Ocean Hunter

The Silent Scope games

Ninja Assault (Video of PS2 version, best video I could find.)

Vampire Night

Confidential Mission (Just the first 3rd of the video.)

Ghost Squad

Let's Go Jungle!

Deadstorm Pirates

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09-28-2011, 04:18 AM
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RE: Arcade On-Rails Shooting Games For Kinect
If they make the work like the gunstringer either game or FMV method, I am all in.

[Image: thezeeman.png]
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