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BETTER WITH KINECT will ruin kinect adoption

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BETTER WITH KINECT will ruin kinect adoption
05-28-2011, 03:34 PM
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BETTER WITH KINECT will ruin kinect adoption
Im really sure that the wave of -better with kinect- games means game studios do not want to take a sincere compromise with kinect.

Outcome are mediocre games like virtua tennis 4, that have poor sales among hardcore kinect players, and at the same time are critized by non kinect players. So those better with kinect titles are getting just the worst of both groups.

It is a big mistake from microsoft to let game studios to publish titles using a tag -better with kinect- that let them make really mediocre kinect playability because the game can also been played pressing stupid buttons on an already legacy pad (yes, i say that, and im sure it is the truth about this new interface evolution).

Microsoft is putting lot of effort (read: money) to improve the actual kinect, and maybe even release a complete new platform based on a 2nd generation kinect along with the already horribly named by ppl xbox 720.

If they dont push game studios working on kinect to make kinect the only way to play them, they will only get poor hybrid games of low quality.

They should let them to make games without kinect support, or games for kinect (kinect only games). But nothing between those two.

And about releasing some kind of motion pad ala wii, it is a wrong decision, they should implement improvements to get finger recognition level of accuracy, and learn to use it in fps and any other genre.
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Yesterday, 04:24 PM
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RE: BETTER WITH KINECT will ruin kinect adoption
Thanks for your insights, here's my view:

Better with Kinect: I feel this could hurt Kinect as well indeed, but the nice thing about it is: people should realize that most of these games are not bought for the Kinect Support, but just because you like the game. And then you have a little more fun (as with VT4 I can imagine) with Kinect. If you don't like the Kinect support, you've still got a great game on your hands with button controls. But, you are right, this is hurting 'better with Kinect'-label, but I don't think it will hurt the Kinect Sensor games label, as people realize those are two different types of Kinect games (as everyone will have the bundled full Kinect Adventures game).

Also, I think 'better with Kinect' allows developers to experiment with Kinect in a real-world game, and take a small risk, before taking a 'big risk' and do something you're not familiar with yet: a full blown Kinect Game.

Kinect motion pad: I think investing in an additional 'motion pad' does not necessarily exclude investing in finger recognition level of accuracy, voice control improvements, and other Kinect improvements. It could supplement it in my view. They could have a try with it, and if it does not work internally just kill the project, or if Kinect progresses real fast in terms of accuracy than they may decide to kill a motion pad project.

Not putting all the eggs in one basket (the one where Kinect's software improves heaps) could actually make sense, but only if they don't know for sure if they can pull it off.

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