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Carnival Games Kinect Review

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Carnival Games Kinect Review
04-12-2011, 08:46 PM (This post was last modified: 05-29-2011 11:36 PM by legreffer.)
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Carnival Games Kinect Review
Carnival Games : Monkey See Monkey Do

[Image: 201031b.jpg]
  • Official site: http://www.2kgames.com/2kplay
  • Developer: 2k Play / Cat Daddy
  • Genre: Arcade / Family
  • Alternative game name: Carnival Games: In Action
  • Players: 2
  • Xbox Live supported?: yes
  • Uses avatars?: yes
  • Age group: All

Carnival Game : Monkey See Monkey Do - The good
  • Almost all 20 mini-games are fun
  • 10 new Kinect-exclusive games
  • Kinect detection is great (I had very few problems)
  • Menu navigation is fast and accurate (but getting repetitive between games)
  • Good atmosphere of carnivals / amusement parks
  • Voice recognition (I didn't tried it but I read that it's working well)
  • Takes pictures of players in action

Carnival Game : Monkey See Monkey Do - The not so good
  • Some games require more luck than skill
  • Only 2 players and no xbox live multi-players
  • No party mode
  • No level of difficulty
  • It's a small game (only 20 mini and micro games), took about an hour to complete
  • The price (50$). Worth no more than 35$
  • Can't upload photos

Carnival Game : Monkey See Monkey Do - Kinect experience
Kinect detection is really good, it makes you move, but not as much as Kinect Sports (which is the reference in kinect games to date). Before starting a game, there is a small live image of the kinect area with an icon that moves when you move, you know if you're in the right place. Each player sees icons of both players.

Carnival Game : Monkey See Monkey Do - Graphics
Graphics are good and are cartoon style. The monkey is a little creepy (my daughter was a little afraid of the monkey).

Carnival Game : Monkey See Monkey Do - Gameplay
You have to choose between 5 alleys : Coaster Corner, LaunchPad Lane, Carousel Junction, Whirligig Way, Tea Cup Court (4 more place are empty, reserved for DLC I guess). Each alley include 4 mini-games for a total of 20 in which you can earn tickets. More points you score (or the best position you finish a race), the more you earn tickets. As in real carnivals, there are 4 prize booths where you can buy stuff with tickets you earned in games.

Coaster Corner
  • Gold Rush Mountain (single) : In a roller coaster (remind me Big Thunder Mountain Railroad), try to catch coins with your both hands but avoid those red stars or you will lose points. It’s going really fast and it’s pretty fun.

  • Hot-Air Balloon Race (simultaneous) : Pump the balloon with your arms to go higher and higher while avoiding obstacles flying through your path. The trick is to pump slowly but high and low. You play against 3 opponents. This game is short, under 30 seconds.

  • Wheel of Chance (single) : It will cost you 25 tickets, but you have the chance to earn some tickets. If you win, you can stop and keep your gains or you can gamble them and win even more. But if the wheel is stopping on a skull, you will lose everything you’ve already earn. The more you play, higher are the tickets winnings, but higher are the chance that you spin on a skull ! This one is ok, but somewhat limited.

  • Funnel Cake Falls (turn-based) : For Your Shape players, it’s like Stack 'Em Up gym games. With your hands upside down as if holding a plate, move left or right to catch the falling cakes while keeping it balanced (look more like pita bread to me, lol). It's not so easy because the cakes bounce back when you've grabbed a few, and they can bring down others. Also, if you move too fast, the cakes on your plate may fall. It's fun and need some skills.

LaunchPad Lane
  • Rocket to Mars (turn-based) : You must guide your ship on its way to Mars. Jump to launch the ship and put your arms outward and lean your body on the side to steer the ship while avoiding the moon and other obstacles (and edges). It is easy enough, I managed in 2 attempts.
    [Image: screenlg7.jpg]

  • Crash-Test Dummy (turn-based) : This one is like the tv show “Hole in the Wall”. Try to hit the gold bricks and avoid black ones with your shadow on the wall. You can see photos of you in funny positions.
    [Image: Crash_Test_4_thumb.jpg]
    (Source : hardwaregeeks.com)

  • Pop Darts (turn-based) : This one requires a little more skill, you must pop the balloons for 1 point. There are wheels with 9 balloons around it and a bull's-eye that moves in the middle, if you reach it, all the balloons burst and you win 9 points. It takes practice to properly aim and throw. I liked this one even if it’s limited.

  • Alley Ball (turn-based) : The controls are like in Kinect Sports Bowling : you can step to your right or your left to aim and you can control the speed as well as the direction of the ball. Pretty fun too.
    [Image: Alley_Ball_3.jpg]
    (Source : hardwaregeeks.com)

Carousel Junction
  • Ring Fling (turn-based) : You have 5 chances to throw a ring around pegs. You control the speed, the direction and the height of your throw. After each throw, all the pegs located outside, gets inside the game plate. If you throw a ring in the same peg twice, you will get bonus points. This one is cool.

  • Shark Tank (turn-based) : You have 3 balls to reach the target that will drop the avatar (one of your friends) in the shark tank. The trick here is to wait until the crosshairs is in line with the target. It's all about timing and speed.
    [Image: screenlg8.jpg]

  • The Amazing Wodin (single) : The Amazing Wodin, a wizard which uses Kinect’s voice recognition capabilities to interact with you players. I just tried the joke and it’s not very funny. Here’s what he can do : he can read your future, tell you a riddle and present you with a personal wizard name. I did not test it much because my xbox is in french and we don't have the voice feature (we should have it this month Smile). It will cost you 10 tickets for each visit.
    [Image: screenlg4.jpg]

  • Pig Race (simultaneous) : This is pretty funny and you may sweat a little. You are on a 3 laps race, on a back of a pig, against Monkey Barker and another avatar. Hit his “bacon” with your hand to go faster and lean left or right to steer while avoiding the explosives barrels, mud and haystacks.

Whirligig Way
  • Monkey See, Monkey Do (turn-based) : When Monkey Barker stop dancing, try to match his pose. Mimics his moves when he’s dancing to make extra points. Obviously you will be photographed ! It's ok, young ones should have a lot of fun.

  • Down the Stretch (simultaneous) : Throw the ball in the holes to make your horse move in a race. If you get the ball in the highlighted hole, it will move the horse faster. You can throw 6 balls in the same time. This one is not easy and you will need some luck, but is lot of fun.

  • Strength Test (turn-based) : Hit the target with the hammer. You have to hit fast but at the right time. Wait for the bar to be near as possible of the line of power. You have 3 shots and if you hit the bell, it moves away from the ground and you have to hit harder if you want to ring again. This one is more for men, haha. This game is ok.

  • Knockout Punch (turn-based) : You fight against a punching bag that defends with his arms. Just follow the instructions, 1 for a left jab, 2 for a right and if it’s an arrow, duck to avoid his punch. Complete as much round as you can. It’s a good workout and is fun, but don't expect a boxing match.
    [Image: screenlg5.jpg]

Tea Cup Court
  • Court King (simultaneous) : Throw the basketball as many times as you can before the timer runs out. You will need luck for this one too. It seemed that for the same movement, my throw was different. Maybe I need some practices Undecided

  • Granny Shot (turn-based) : This one is pretty cool. You must throw an object that is getting more heavier with each throw, in the basket that is in the bottom of the room. It usually starts with a golf ball and then it can be an orange and then a globe. Crouch down and swing the object high and forward into the basket. It takes some practices to throw well, but I had some fun.

  • Golden Arm (turn-based) : Hit THE bottle of milk (usually those in gold) which will drop the pyramid. You will have a preview of the path that the crosshairs will follow. Now just wait for it to be in line with the bottle you want to hit. It is fun too.

  • Hitting Streak (turn-based) : This is one of my best, you just have to hit the ball in a batting cage. You will have fastballs, super-fastballs, curve balls, snake pitches, very slow ones and many others.

Prizes booths
With the tickets that you earned, you can buy some outfits including Ninja, Swashbuckler, Viking and Wild West costumes, hats, masks, etc. You can get interactive pets such as dragons, robot cowboys and flying bears. As you play more prizes will be unlock. I bought a cowboy hat and I immediately covered, I look quite nice.

Carnival Game : Monkey See Monkey Do - Multi-player options
16 mini-games are multi-player, some are turn-based and others are simultaneous. I had much more fun when I played with someone. Unfortunately you can't play with friends online, which is really disappointing Sad

Carnival Game : Monkey See Monkey Do - Achievements
Achievements seem to be very easy, I had 5 or 6 just by the time I tried the game and without knowing it.

It's really fun, it will have some success with families and at parties with friends. But it does not have the challenging side and the online playing feature of Kinect Sports so it won't last long. It's well done, but it doesn't have enough content and feature for a 50$ game (despite the included free popcorn coupon). For these reasons I give it 6/10. It could have a 7 if they release some free DLC (I know that DLC are planned but I don’t know if they will be free).

I wish they had added the song Cotton Eye Joe, lol

[order info] [news] [trailer] [gameplay] [screenshots] [achievements]

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07-25-2011, 05:08 AM
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RE: Carnival Games Kinect Review
the physics on funnel cake falls is unfairly realistic. you can build a stack high only to have a piece knock it all down. It is pretty fun though and it is neat to have such realistic physics.

alley ball (better known as skee ball) is surprisingly good.

knockout punch was a great workout and fun. it took me awhile to develop the right speed to go fast and take advantage of the queueing feature.

court king is fun but too easy once you figure out the motion they want (don't do an upward arc; shoot more straight forward with a slight upward inclination).

hitting streak is pretty cool and does feel like a batting cage. If you ever played whiffle ball, this will make you feel that silly.

I agree that for regular price, this game isn't worth it because the minigames are way too short. But for the price I paid (BOGO, buy one, get one free), it's a good purchase.

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07-25-2011, 02:38 PM
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RE: Carnival Games Kinect Review
Having this game for free (or half the price depending of the other game you got) is a good deal!
I'm glad to know that you liked this game. I think I'm gonna get the coaster pack, what about you?

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08-09-2011, 11:41 PM
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RE: Carnival Games Kinect Review
(07-25-2011 02:38 PM)legreffer Wrote:  Having this game for free (or half the price depending of the other game you got) is a good deal!
I'm glad to know that you liked this game. I think I'm gonna get the coaster pack, what about you?

I didn't like the coaster part because it was so fast that it felt like random luck on whether I did well or not. So I don't think I'll be getting the DLC.

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03-10-2012, 01:27 PM
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RE: Carnival Games Kinect Review
720P gameplay vids...

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