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Codename Kingdoms

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Codename Kingdoms
02-27-2011, 06:58 PM
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Codename Kingdoms
I am entrigued with this title that supposedly is to have alot of news out about it this year. I read online an interview with a developer that said this title will push the 360 to it's limits.

Developed by Crytek, we can expect some amazing graphics. These people made Crysis (FPS).

Came across some old screenshots showing the art concept online.


In one of those pics there is an artists depiction of a "Vendor", the other are possibly other classes, races and creatures found in the game. I'm wondering if this is perhaps a MMO? I always wanted to see a MMO over live.

Also, the dev was asked in the interview if this game would be a Kinect title. His reply, "I don't know. Maybe, maybe not (laughs)."

This game is an exclusive to Xbox.

So perhaps we have an outside shot at getting a Kinect MMO developed by Crytek at some point. Even if it turns out to only be a MMO not using Kinect, or just a RPG we can look forward to a cool game.
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