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Fruit Ninja Kinect Review

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Fruit Ninja Kinect Review
Today, 06:06 AM
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Fruit Ninja Kinect Review
Fruit Ninja Kinect

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRHgxioKYlQIoF1IzTk-c6...-ohKquUBrf]
  • Official site Fruit Ninja Kinect
  • Developer: Halfbrick
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Modes: Classic, Zen, Arcade, Party
  • Alternative game name: N/A
  • Players: 2
  • Online Features: Achievements, Leaderboards
  • Kinect Features: Players 1-2
  • Kinect Activity Level: Standing - Active
  • Uses avatars?: No
  • Age group: All

Fruit Ninja Kinect - The good
  • Exact replica of the mobile version, with some bonuses
  • Kinect is very accurate, you can even use your feet if you're that good
  • Lots of unlockables for an arcade game
  • Multiplayer works really well

Game Name - The not so good
  • Menu is very quirky...takes a few tries to get it right
  • The price, should of only been 400 points
  • Replay value isn't really there...you can probably play it for an hour but after that, you get bored
  • Achievements suck compared to mobile, see my details below

Fruit Ninja Kinect - Story
No story mode, would be cool though if they added one, some kind of beginner ninja to an expert or something Smile

Fruit Ninja Kinect - Kinect experience
Kinect works very well with this title, which I'm not suprised since Microsoft was involved. It is so accurate that when you go crazy and slice side to side, it never loses tracking with both hands crossing in front of each other. I was messing around as I seen in the demo video it plays of someone kicking, so I tried slicing and kicking at the same time and it was detecting it all. I can only imagine how accurate fighting games will become.

With multiplayer, I thought there would be issues with crossing into each others paths, however Kinect once again shined showing no issues with 4 hands swinging all over the place.

Fruit Ninja Kinect - Graphics
Graphics are on par with an arcade game, nothing spectacular.

Fruit Ninja Kinect - Gameplay
Most people have played some type of form of Fruit Ninja/Fruit Slice/etc...the Kinect version is a bit more fun in my opinion because you get to use your hands and not your fingers. There's several modes for those that have never played:

This mode is the classic mode. No time limit, you slice the fruit as it pops up, but you have to avoid the bombs. I was impressed that I was able to circle around the bombs like I do on the mobile version. You lose either by slicing a bomb, or not slicing 3 fruits. As time progresses, this mode gets challenging.

Zen mode is a time limit of 1:30 if I recall correctly, there are no bombs, and it's just straight up fruit. The goal is to get the highest score possible and the best way to do it is to score with combos. A combo consists of slicing 3 or more fruit in one slice. This mode I find more competitive with online/local friends since you don't have to worry about anything.

The arcade mode I find more fun than the others, there's no regular bombs that end your game, only bombs that -10 points. There's specials that freeze (slow down fruit), frenzy (tons of fruit all over the place) and 2x points. This one gets fun and hectic at times.

This is a new mode for the game, it allows simulatenous 2 player action. It is highly accurate and is fun for about 30 minutes to an hour, but after that it's just repetitive.

That's pretty much the whole game. Is it worth $10? Not in my opinion. The mobile version is only $3 and you just use your fingers instead of your hands, I did still buy it anyway.

Fruit Ninja Kinect - Multiplayer options
As stated above, the party mode is for multiplayer. It works very well and is fun for a few.

Fruit Ninja Kinect - Achievements

Now this is one I have to complain about, I typically don't complain about achievements, but they do give an extra level of challenge to do when you feel like you have beaten the game. I have the Windows mobile version of Fruit Ninja. It was $2.99 USD. It has 20 achievements for 200 points total. Fruit Ninja Kinect has 12 achievements for 200 points total, yet it was $9.99 USD...where's the logic in that? It should be some around $4.99 USD in my opinion.

Overall, I'm impressed with Kinect functionality. It's a decent game, but again my gripe is price which is why I gave it a 7. I am glad though to see it as the first arcade game available for Kinect, we can only hope this turns positive and other developers that make tons of the arcade games jump on board so we can have a bigger library.

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