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Gunstringer Review

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Gunstringer Review
09-15-2011, 07:20 AM (This post was last modified: 09-16-2011 04:53 AM by TheZeeMan.)
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Gunstringer Review
The Gunstringer

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcShuMF-6b87ZgtPVhm9BBQ...NjF3bWWcFA]
  • Official site www.thegunstringer.com
  • Developer: Twisted Pixel
  • Genre: Platformer/Shooter
  • Modes: Story, Co-op
  • Online Features: Achievements, Content Download, Leaderboards, Xbox LIVE Family Settings
  • Kinect Features: Co-op 2 player, Kinect Sensor Required, Players 1-2
  • Kinect Activity Level: Sitting - Standing
  • Uses avatars?: No
  • Age group: Teen - Adult

Gunstringer - The good
  • It really is a one of a kind type of shooter and FMV's are a plus in my opinion
  • Comes with Fruit Ninja Kinect ($10USD value)
  • Has free FMV addon that I think I enjoyed more than the game
  • There's some replay value which isn't often with these Kinect titles

The Gunstringer - The not so good
  • The story is just strange, maybe I haven't progressed far enough but I'm 50% complete and I'm still confused as to why I'm playing with a puppet
  • Repetition of gameplay, same things occur over and over just different levels
  • Repetition of voice cues, even though its a cool western guys voice, he gets annoying repeating the same phrases
  • Doesn't seem like a very long game, I counted 20 levels based on achievements which 10 of them only took me an hour to complete

The Gunstringer - Story
This game is all about a story mode, except I don't understand it! I haven't finished the game yet, about halfway done so maybe the end will explain more, but as of first impressions, I'm not impressed!

The game overview states:
The Gunstringer is just your average frontier tale: a gun-slingin' puppet done in by his own posse comes back from the dead to get revenge. Use Kinect to pull the strings and guide a hero with a couple six shooters and an intense desire to punish those who put lead in his bones. Unlock bonuses and earn shooter achievements as you track down villainous varmints like a samurai cowboy, voodoo priestess, and Wavy Tube Man. You're essentially inside an action-packed old west diorama. So don't be shocked when the giant hand of a puppeteer reaches down to deposit an object or a send a boulder rolling to smash you.

This is fine, but help me understand how this guy who from what I can tell, was a real person at one time and is back as a puppet to get revenge...why and how?

I did forget to mention, they were super creative in creating the areas/props, definite kudos for that. For example, the train is carrying lincoln logs as cargo, trees are made out of paper towel tubes with cardboard taped on it. Very innovative!

The Gunstringer - Kinect experience
Kinect works well for the most part, probably because of the games simplicity. There's really not many "actions" so to speak to do. Your one hand controls the puppets movement, the other is your gun. You get an occasional fist pound and left/right punches to mix it up, but its really not much more than that. I also did run into an issue, when going out of cover on the right side, my kinect became confused and I couldn't aim/shoot. This seemed to work fine in the demo, not sure why I was having random issues. Also after an hour of standing, I decided to sit down and it worked just as well.

The Gunstringer - Graphics & Sound
The graphics are top notch. On some of the cutscenes, you can see detail which is always a plus. The FMVs are a bonus in my opinion. All games should use some type of FMV in this day and age, and Gunstringer definitely does.

The sound is good, some narrator talks throughout the whole game, he's got a good western voice. The music is good too.

The Gunstringer - Gameplay
Well, this is my only gripe with the game. It's repetitive. Unfortunately, Rise of Nightmares spoiled those that have played it. There were so many different actions to do and so many different weapons, it was never boring. After you get a shotgun and flamethrower and wield dual pistols, this is pretty much what Gunstringer is about it. Your either running ...north we'll call it, climbing up something side to side, or running away from stuff. Oh there is a boat that you can make jump ridiculously high. I haven't progressed further to see if anything else is different.

The game itself is enjoyable for a few, until you get bored...The bonus is there is some replay value. After you complete an act, you are rated on it with a Bronze/Silver/Gold system. One of the achievements is to obtain Gold on all acts, seems like a pain in the ass but it's there for those that like a challenge.

Also there is a bonus store, as $ that you collect through the game, you get to unlock a ton of stuff, behind the scenes videos, concept art, music, etc. Another cool addition.

The Gunstringer - Multiplayer options
Gunstringer does support 2 players at a time, however I did not attempt it. Maybe someone who has tried it can confirm how it works, I'm guessing player 2 controls his second gun that you randomly lose and get in single player mode.

Overall its an ok game, I ended up getting bored with it. If you haven't played Rise of Nightmares then yeah this game is probably awesome, but RoN ruined this game for me unfortunately. I was expecting so much more out of Gunstringer. The good thing is you get Fruit Ninja with it, so technically the game is only $30. Add in the free FMV game they include, that's probably another $10 value...so for 3 games for $40, not too bad of a deal.

I did find the FMV awesome, as it's like the old Sega CD/PC FMV games from the 90's. Hopefully people like them and we see more of them. They've always been like B-Rated movies, but I always thought they were sweet. Overall, I found everything else about the game to be better than the game itself...which kind of sucks, but I wasn't sure what to expect. The demo gives you pretty much the whole experience besides the different weapons and your fist pound thing to destroy big objects. Maybe that is why I was disappointed as demo's usually offer little to what the full game does.

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