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Hack: Kinect as tv remote replacement

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Hack: Kinect as tv remote replacement
03-07-2011, 10:18 AM
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Hack: Kinect as tv remote replacement
For all the people that have a HTCP (home theater PC) or just a PC close to their tv this might be a very interesting Kinect hack. This hack allows you to control your tv (or any other device that uses an infrared remote) by using kinect-tv-remote-replacement.

This is actually a very useful hack and the technology behind it is pretty genius too. Want to know why? Then read on for some more info!
Kinect to replace remote control
So what this hack actually does is interpret gestures and translates those to tv remote actions. For example sticking your arm up will raise the volume. That makes this a very useful hack, as you won't have to reach for the remote every time your want to interact with your tv.

But what is even more awesome is the way it works. Kinect hacks only work on a computer, and Kinect can not be hooked up to the tv itself. So what this hacker did was use an usb infrared transmitter! Kinect interprets the gestures, translates that to a remote control action and transmits that via infrared to the tv! Pure genius! Check out the video below to see it in action.

Still you'll need a pc close to where you TV is, and you'll need to buy an USB infrared transmitter. But if you have those things this is in my opinion one of the more useful hacks. Pretty cool stuff!

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