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Kinect Shooter Controls Idea

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Kinect Shooter Controls Idea
06-12-2011, 10:01 PM (This post was last modified: 06-12-2011 10:27 PM by Corellianrogue.)
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Exclamation Kinect Shooter Controls Idea
After watching a few videos of various Kinect shooting games I've come up with what I think is at least one of the most perfect aiming/shooting control schemes for any shooting games. I've tested this out myself (it's my arms in the pics, lol!) and it feels just right, although I found it actually felt even more comfortable with the chatpad plugged in, lol! (Not in the pics.)

I've actually got 2 virtually identical methods. The first method is holding your left arm out like you're holding the front of a rifle and to help with the aiming extend your index finger. Then take the joypad in the right hand and rest it on your left arm so that half of the joypad is resting on the inside of your elbow. This gives you access to not only a trigger but a shoulder button, the 4 face buttons and the right thumbstick.

The second method is basically identical except instead of holding your left arm as if you're holding a rifle you make a gun shape with your left hand.

Both these methods would give perfect aiming and access to plenty of buttons for firing and any other actions needed and the first method feels very natural and like aiming and firing a rifle in real life. Just try it yourself if you're sceptical. TongueI honestly think developers should use these control methods in future games! Big GrinHere's a pic with the examples (the first 2 pics just show you from different angles so you can see how the joypad is rested):

[Image: Kinect_and_joypad_arm_poses.gif]

So what do you think, a good idea?
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07-12-2011, 03:05 AM
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Exclamation RE: Kinect Shooter Controls Idea
I'm not a programmer so I can't make a Kinect hack/SDK project so I made a simulation of my FPS controls concept instead. Although it might look a bit robotic (because of the animation) the moves are supposed to be 1:1 so for example you wouldn't just be triggering the ducking and leaning and stuff with your body moves, your body moves would be replicated exactly in most cases. Also I messed a bit up in the video, I was originally going to have the player kneel and shoot over the top of the crate after ducking to take cover but when I got to that part I forgot and just made him stand up instead. I couldn't be bothered to change it as it took me so long to make the video (it's taken weeks, I didn't think it would take so long Undecided), I didn't even make everything I wanted so just added some text about other controls at the end. I also only animated the arms in a few parts of the video so you have to imagine that the player's left arm is moving around to aim the crosshair. I added 4 frames of lag (approx. 133ms) between the player movement and game movement to make it authentic so nobody can claim that if it were a real Kinect game it would be laggier, lol! Also, don't judge the "game" in the video as it's the control scheme that matters, I just made a really basic "Attack Of The Alien Zombies" or something, lol! And before anyone complains that a joypad is used in the concept because with Kinect it's supposed to be "You are the controller.", you still are the controller as all the movement is controlled by your body, you're just using a device to shoot with just like if it were real life you would be using a device (gun) to shoot with. Plus, as I point out in the video, developers could use gestures to fire instead if they want.

I'm hoping developers are already making games with similar control concepts (I know there are already some similar controls in Rise Of Nightmares and the leaning scene obviously looks like similar scenes in Blackwater but I had the ideas for this concept ages ago as some of you have probably read in old posts, the only thing I added was the play-space indicator with the footprints that was inspired by Deca Sports Freedom's paintballing) but if not then maybe they'll see this video and use the concept. Big Grin

In fact, maybe this could be put on the front page as a challenge to developers to make games with these sort of controls if they're not already?
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