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LA Noire Kinect

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LA Noire Kinect
06-23-2011, 10:29 PM
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LA Noire Kinect
Just imagine one of my favourite games , LA Noire using Kinect for example here a few times in the game that could use Kinect :

Clues :
When you find a clue you could move your hand to turn and move the clue around like your investigating it in real life !
Imagine moving peoples heards your your hand moving there arms it would be weird but cool Big Grin

LA Noire the only game using motionscan enables you to easily tell wheather a person is lying or telling the truth .
Imagine this and kinects speech recognition you could says Phelps quotes you could use your voice to decide where hes telling the truth , not saying everything (Doubt) or lying and say what your evidence is !

Driving :
Wouldnt it be cool to use your hands to drive the car in LA Noire baisc but cool and handy . The game itselft could ajust speed needed for certain parts of the game or maybe the further you put your hands out , the faster you drive .

Shootouts :
In LA Noire you run into manys of gun fights so maybe you could put your hand into a shape of a gun and lift it up ( like your shooting ) to kill enemies .

Commanding :
You could use speech recognition to tell you partner what to do .
eg . you can drive !

And thats my idea of a LA Noire Kinect , what you guys think?

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06-24-2011, 06:39 PM
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RE: LA Noire Kinect
Great idea, good variety of use of the kinect. Kinect don't have this type of game and I think it will fit perfectly.

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