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My 60lbs Kinect-challenge
Well today is the start of my 60lbs journey towards a healthier future. Let me just introduce myself in short.

I'm a 29-year-old girl from the Netherlands a.k.a. Holland. (So forgive me if I make some linguistic mistakes, English is not my mother-tongue.)

Anyhow... I've always been somewhat chubby (got put on my first diet when I was 6 years old, yes... indeed six), unlike my identical twin who had never been fat a day in her life!!!
At a certain point somewhat chubby changed to chubby, to rather stout, to stout, to somewhat obese, to obese... Three years ago, I took my fortune in my own hand and managed to go back to somewhat chubby at 171 lbs (i'm 5'8'').
Unfortunately my love for food won out over my willpower to stay slim, so I ate back every single pound.

Since I don't really like to do die-hard sports, I thougt, why not do what I love (dancing) and what I don't love (sports/fitness) right here from the comfort of my own home. So yesterday I bought the kinect with EA Sports Active 2.0 and Dance central. So today the challenge starts.

Starting weight: 218 lbs (99,2 kilograms)
Goal weight: 160 lbs (73 kilograms)

READY... SET... GO!!!
Welcome PatinageArtistique (so you are speaking french ?)

These two games, along with Your Shape, are the best kinect games to burn calories imo.

I wish you the best on your weight loss challenge Smile
I'll echo legreffer and wish you the best.

2 great games to start with and I'd also add get stuck into Kinect Adventures; some of the games are more of a workout than you think.
Add yourself to our EA Sports Active 2 Group: too Big Grin
Welcome Patinage! Are you, by any chance, French? Or where does the nickname come from?

I'll be reading in every now and then, and hope to see you achieve your goals. Keep it up! Kinect Sports is actually a pretty good workout too, should you run out of ideas Wink.

Be sure to read some of the other experiences on this forum, there are plenty of tips and tricks in there of people trying to loose weight. Hopefully they'll help you reach your goals too!

Good luck!
Thank you so much for the tips!!!! For now I'll try to get a hang of the EASA2 and DC (I'm already getting the acronyms down, yeay. I've just been dancing with my friends and it was really exhausting. I am happy with my skill level at the moment (been getting 5 starts in the hard-department of the easy section...)
Indeed the Kinect Adventures were quite exhausting as well Abooie... Who would have thought? I love this new kind of gaming. It is so much fun!
And in answer to you questions Legreffer and Clemens: I am not French, but Dutch (aka from Holland), but I speak fluently French and am I real Fracophile (by which I mean, fan of everything to do with France/French, not fan of the Spanish dictator Franco). And I saw you're from Montreal Legreffer? J'adore le Québécois!!! I sometimes watch TV5 Monde and they show Canadien programmes (don't ask me any titles, I pay more attention to the way they're speaking).
Well after this quite exhausting work-out it's time to go to bed for me (wake up time at 6 a.m.)
Thank you again for this nice welcome and I'll be sure to check out the other threads.
Nighty night
Thanks for the answer Patinage, woops, I must have skipped over that part in your first post. I'm from the Netherlands as well Big Grinhaha. Good to see some more Dutchies on this forum Wink. The French side to you is welcome as well ofcourse, hehe.

It's good to know you actually like gaming in this way, it beats running in the game anyday IMO. Looking fwd to the progress updates!
Well I've tried EA Sports Active 2 for the first time yesterday. I'm doing the cardio-programma at medium.

Pros: it really felt like a work-out. Especially the soccer exercices and the step aerobics: those got my heart thumping! It's really cool to see your hartbeat and all the other stats (the calories burnt are amazing as well of course!) and I like that I sometimes appear on screen, which makes me want to try even harder.

Cons: The band of the heart rate monitor cuts into my skin a bit. That might just be me, pulling the strap too tight, so i'll try to do that a bit less next time to see if that makes it less uncomfortable. The handles on the resitence band hurt my hands during the biceps curl. And I get the comment from Legreffer who said that the band doesn't offer that much resistence, so I'll probably buy my own in time. For now it does the trick (if you have to work with 218 lbs and the stamina of a 90-year-old, you're not in dire need of extra resistence yet... Tongue)

So I'm quite positive, although it does feel more like a work-out than fun and games (for the moment at least), unlike Dance Central which is superfun, and just happens to make you break out in a sweat. But I think a combination of the two might just be perfect.

First weigh-in is this Monday (I think that is the most logical weigh-in day), so there won't be any results yet since I only started the day before last, but I'm very hopeful for the week after... I want my ticker to go down!
The handles of the resistance band hurt my hands too, so sometimes I pass my hands through the handles and grab the nodes of the band. It's less comfortable but it works and it offers more resistance. I will definitely buy better one.

So do you like figure skating ? I'm not watching it but as a "Quebecois" I played a lot of hockey, hehe !
i'm down from 218.7 to 218.0.

Thanks for the tip Legreffer. I'll try that next time (which should be tonight according to my schedule). And I used to loooooove figure skating (that was the time where I came up with the nickname, and I stuck with it). I used to skip school and stuff to watch it. But unfortunately my country isn't a figure skating-loving country, so I could basically only watch the Olympics/European Championschips and World Championships. But one year I was doing an internship in France during the Olympics and I had arranged with a sportsbar that I could watch men's figureskating there (women's figure skating is no fun, they go slower and can't jump as high), but my boss really needed me, so I didn't get to see my favorite figure skater of all time become Olympic champion. After he went professional, so I didn't get to see him anymore on Dutch television... Long story short: I stopped watching after that. Sorry for this big story, all I can say: be careful what you ask for. Before you know it you've got a novel to read

Well gotta run to work now... EA Sports 2night (allthough I have a feeling I might skip right to Dance Central). I am looking forward to the weigh-in next week.

Great start of the week y'all.
Turns out, I just skipped out on everything all together. I got a bug yesterday... Hope it'll go away really soon, so I can take up where I left of (barely started,more likely).
DC 36 minutes, 230 KCALS
Wow, I'm sweating... definately the stamina of a 90 year old.
I'm loving the game though, immensely!

Pros: everything basically. The music, the steps, the way the lights change when you do a better job, the way there is a real difference between easy and medium and hard. I'm in love.

Cons: just one, if you need the bottom link (like new song) it is quite difficult to select it. But since this is the only con I could come up with, I'm thinking it really is a perfect game/work-out.
Well done !

It's great that DC has almost the same ratio time/calories than EASA2.
Yesterday I played Dance Central with a friend, so i'm a bit fuzzy on the time and KCALS, but I'd say about 45 minutes.

Today I bought Zumba, so I'll probably play that one tonight.
Weigh in: 216.5 lbs!!! It's starting to work. I had to take it easy for a couple of days, cause my muscles need to adjust a bit, but I'm loving the DC. I don't know about Zumba yet, I'll write a review after I've done it a couple of times more.
But just checked in to make my happy announcement. 1.5 lbs down, 56.5 to go... Oh, how the road is long.
Hehe, keep it up miss Patinage !!!

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