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My Introduction

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My Introduction
11-16-2010, 04:38 AM
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My Introduction
Hello everyone!

Just thought that I should introduce myself to you guys. Since I have written a few articles here, I wanted to let all of you know some of my background and interests. Hopefully this will help you to feel more comfortable around the site and leave comments for the articles and/or the authors.


First off I was born in Portland, Oregon and I still currently live there now. I love it here because of all of the nature that surrounds me. You can see beautiful green trees any direction you look, and in just about any part of the state. A lot of people that come from out of state say that Portland is “weird” but I don’t think so. Oh sure we have our annual "Portland Naked Bike Ride" and many of us “Oregonians” try to be as economically green as possible, but to me that is part of my home. Without things like that, there wouldn’t be anything interesting in Oregon. So I encourage you to come and visit sometime to check it out for yourself. It may not be one of those popular spots such as L.A or Miami, but it is still a great place.

My Hobbies/Interests:

Well as you already know, I am definitely interested in Microsoft’s Kinect Camera. However that is not all, personally I love anything that has to do with technology. I love learning about new and upcoming devices and software. I use Yahoo’s RSS reader known as “My Yahoo”, to keep track of all of my feeds. And last time I checked, I had over 70 different feeds that I follow. I admit that not every feed on there is related to technology (a few comedy and sports blogs), but the majority of them are about the latest technology news. Some of my favorites (other than 123Kinect's feed) are Gizmodo, Apple Insider, and Android and Me.

[Image: 5180237293_7b672bb086.jpg]

Another thing that is a part of my life is music. I know that this is the same for many other people as well. I am also trying to write my own music, so that one day I can release my own album. And to do that, I bought myself a Washburn electric guitar. I have owned it for about a year now, and have successfully created one song, but sadly I have not had as much time to play it because my weeks are mostly filled with various school activities. But when I do play, I definitely enjoy it.

Additionally, I am really interested in Graphic Design. I don’t exactly know why it interests me so much, but I just can’t stop creating images with software like Photoshop and Illustrator. No matter what mood I am in I can always think of something to create and I can’t put it away until I am satisfied with the product myself, which can take weeks or even months to finish. And since I am still somewhat new to the Graphic Design area, I learn something new about editing images each time. With that I get a little better with each project. Later on, I hope to have a career in Graphic Design, which is what I am studying in school now. So each day I continue to practice and do any work that I can for others, in order to get constructive feedback on how to get better.

So Why Am I Writing Articles?

By now you may be wondering why I am spending some of my time writing articles, instead of doing something else. Well not too long ago I discovered that I have a soft spot for blogging. I guess since I love learning about different technologies, I want to share what I know as well. I have my own "Tech" blog up at Blogger, but I haven't been posting to it as often as I would like to. Here is the link if you want to look at it yourself (My Blog); I believe that there is some useful information on the blog that other people could use. And every once in awhile when I learn something big that I want to share, I will make a post about it. But for now helping Clemens with his site has filled more of my "blogging" time and gained my interest. Everything he posts on this site is great news that anyone mildly interested in Kinect should read. So truthfully this site is similar to my blog, but just more specific to one device (and a lot cleaner looking).

The Wrap up:

All in all I am a pretty relaxed person and really enjoy technology, especially the Kinect Sensor. So I hope that helps you to feel closer to me and this site. And if you have any questions, please feel free to leave them. Or if you want to talk to me for any graphic design work, my Xbox Gamertag or some other reason, you can send me a private message.

My Posts:

Also here are some of the posts I have done on this site:

[Image: 5177851846_1e51259f42.jpg]
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11-16-2010, 04:53 AM
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RE: My Introduction
How about a hug Dre...LOL Just messin, thanks for the info! Smile

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11-16-2010, 12:03 PM
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RE: My Introduction
Cool intro Dre! Thanks for sharing! :-)

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