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My Kinect Experience - A brief Kinect Review

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My Kinect Experience - A brief Kinect Review
11-14-2010, 07:42 PM
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My Kinect Experience - A brief Kinect Review
A while back, when I started this Kinect web site (blog), lots of people were very critical of Kinect, and I thought it was time for a movement that gave this unique peripheral a fair chance. Especially the major websites, like Kotaku, CVG and Joystiq were full of overly critical fan boys and journalists.  Looking at the Kinect sensor with a positive view, was something that was lacking on the web: so, 123Kinect.com was born. Nowadays, thousands of Kinect Enthusiasts a day come here for information, and help build the community around Kinect Experiences! I had no idea it would come to this, but liking every moment of it.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy my analysis and experience outlined below.
Kinect's potential
On the downside, still today, a lot of the established gaming websites do not see the true potential of Kinect and are easy to criticize anything that comes their way. In the Kinect Sensor reviews, people were talking about lag, and Kinect not working all that well. Some of which also mentioned that Kinect didn’t work well with dark-skinned gamers (it turned out to be untrue): how is that journalism? This got to me a bit, as the negative talk about Kinect keeps going.
Kinect Review
Therefore, after all these months, I thought it was time for my write up on the Kinect Sensor. I enjoyed Kinect a bit before, but never in the comfort of my living room. Now I have used it for quite some time already, and here’s my Kinect story.

After calibrating a few times and trying to make an ideal setup in my room (moving couches and such) made Kinect work very well in my room (although there’s not a lot of space, trust me). Lag is not an issue, Kinect works and it is LOADS of fun! My girlfriend, roommates and roommates are pickup up the games as if they have been playing them for years (while actually they haven’t). This shows to me that the reviewers were not putting in any effort to try and make Kinect work, like anyone who actually bought this sensor would (because you spend $150 on it; for examples see Kinect Experiences on the Kinect forums, for more info on REAL people enjoying their Kinect).
Kinect Game Experiences
My Kinect Game experiences are limited to Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports and the demos of Dance Central, Kinect JoyRide and Your Shape Fitness Evolved up until now. Kinect Adventures is really cool as it helps anyone get familiar with the Kinect technology and the graphics are as any Xbox 360 game: top notch! The game works, and really guides you through everything around Kinect. However, when you are familiar with the controls and the technology the game never stops helping you with basic stuff: it shows you how to play, each and every time. Luckily, the fun I had and the sweat I was breaking (seriously) got me wanting more! In my view, this is exactly what Microsoft needed to do with Kinect Adventures! Let’s be honest, they are making money from the Kinect Games they are selling, and when no one is buying any Kinect Games, then… that’s a missed opportunity in their view (and will leave you not to explore the full capabilities of the Kinect Sensor). Also, if they're not selling any other Kinect Games than external publishers will not consider creating games for Kinect.
Kinect vs. Wii
Microsoft's strategy with Kinect and a game is similar, but very different from what Nintendo did with their Wii (the first game console to feature motion controls, but still with a controller) when it launched. The Wii had a game as well, called ‘Wii Sports’ and this really neatly showed what the Wii could do. However, it didn’t leave the majority wanting more. The game offered enough fun and longevity that you just didn’t need any other games if you only played for an hour or two a week. Kinect adventures is different than that, on one side it is a great game, but on the other it may feel repetitive after some time and not that hard to master (once you get the hang of it) – rest assured, the fun never ends though!
Kinect Sports Experience
The hunger for more Kinect Games got me to buy Kinect Sports, a game that is #1 in our Best Kinect Games top 10, and well worth it. This game is so much fun and it offers a lot of variety, longevity and a true challenge: great! The detection of the different sports is well done, and to finally being able to play something as Soccer in my living room is great. They really nailed Soccer, VolleyBall, Hurdles and other track & field activities in my view. At this point I'm less impressed by Boxing and Bowling (although they work too).

What’s your Kinect Experience? Be sure to share on our Kinect forums or in the comments below. Feel free to see if Kinect is still available in your local webshop. Ow, and read our Kinect Game Reviews by actual customers.

Article: My Kinect Experience - A brief Kinect Review
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11-15-2010, 04:10 PM
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RE: My Kinect Experience - A brief Kinect Review
Sweet, Glad your finally getting to play Clemens!
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