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Need Help Again with Boxin

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Need Help Again with Boxin
05-30-2011, 07:47 PM
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Need Help Again with Boxin
Well, I had been doing really well, but I've come up against two guys that I'm having a hard time with. One if just better than me. He seems to punch faster and harder. he has beating 4/5. The other guy is another spammer that seems to mess up the stun system. He uses a punching bag technique doing punches in circles up and down. When I get enough blocks and punch the system doesn't register a stun and then I'll get stunned because he hit me with so many punches so quickly.
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05-31-2011, 03:39 AM (This post was last modified: 05-31-2011 03:55 AM by Jersmall.)
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RE: Need Help Again with Boxin
whats his name i wonder if i have faced him before. also this is quite vague.

1. if its laggy then his punches will only do damage 2-3 seconds later in bad cases. after 2-3 seconds all the punches he did rack up in one big lump of damage. if you do enough small hits that dont push them back it will stun without any power ups. If you land 5-6 unanswered small punches then finish it with a big punch(dont have to) it will stun from offense alone no power ups needed.

2. you are also able to get stunned giving 1 power up. so i noticed lets say hes spamming your face and you try to hit his face while he spams. depending on how he punches it may be blocking your hit at the same time(by accident).

when you rotate your hands like on a speed bag motion sometimes it will acutally block punches too, since hey are somewhat in a blocking possition. i have done this befor for fun against other spammers. it gives you many little power ups while you spam. so you might want to try body shots instead.

i would almost have to see what happened it can all happen so fast you may be missing something. i ASSUME you are giving him a power up at one point.(you hitting his face while he spams and it registers as him blocking it)

also you should have tried keeping him away with BIG punches to the body since a spammer doesnt block usually. try mixing it up making him think you are going for a big punch then just block get the power ups. if you ALWAYS block and ONLY block its also not the best way to win. it works against noobs but you need to land punches of your own as well.

when i fight a person that ONLY blocks, like literaly only tries o go for power ups. i will just keep doing jabs since its super quick and offers 1 point each jab. I throw the Jab RIGHT when i see them switching from blocking their face to the other. if i happen to hit their block i will just wait till their 1 power up is gone by blocking 100%. if they dont attack with the 1 power up i start over again simply jabbing and possible jab right cross.

sure a single right cross or right hook will push them back but the hand is further and thus easier to block by a fraction. same with doing jab right cross, its much more likely to give away a power up.

there is nothing i like more then owning a 100% blocker with jab after jab after jab racking points till he gets pissed off and makes misstakes OR simply loses 3 rounds.
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