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New Frontpage
To speed things up, and make it possible for ya'll to navigate 50 posts back we are doing a trial with a new frontpage.

What do ya'll think about that way of listing posts?

Please don't hesitate to let us know what we can improve. We're trying to give you a better overview of the latest Kinect news with this new frontpage view.
Not sure who runs the 123Kinect Twitter account, but I told them that it's a little information overload. There isn't any reason why I need to see what was posted over 2 weeks ago. I'd also like to see the images return with some of the article available to read. I shouldn't have to click through every story just to be able to read them. (I know you want more clicks, but don't forget Gawker's traffic went straight down after the redesign. Not everything is for the better.)
I have to agree with HazyCloud. Images are what draw me to read many articles, and it was also nice to have a little preview of the article before actually clicking to read the full thing. And to be honest there aren't enough new articles posted daily for this to be utilized to the fullest. You also lose some of the attractiveness to your site by just putting a stack of links on your frontpage.

I think that this might be a good idea, in some cases... but not this one.
heya guys, thanks for the instant feedback.. we're very much listening to it.

Presenting the latest 3-5 news items as smallimage+excerpt while the others are just links.. would that be a solution to the limitations that you are now experiencing?
There's been an update after your feedback. If we put images in the purple boxes on the frontpage: would that make the whole thing an improvement over the old situation?
May I ask, why the re-design in the first place? I didn't see anything wrong with it.
Much better ! It looks very nice now Wink

Just a very small thing, is the time of the news is timezone adjustable ? If not maybe you should add the GMT beside it.

I also wonder why you are wanting to redesign the layout? I liked the other one just fine.

Also... may I suggest that if you do really want to change the layout, and want feedback on it. I would say that you use something like WAMP (Windows) MAMP (Mac) to preview the look. It is an application that allows you to manage your website offline. This way you can share the look (by photos, videos, sharing files...) without it actually affecting your main site. I don't know if you already use something like this, but I think it is a good idea to use so that you don't have to keep changing the site and have your readers wonder what is going on. I also think that this way that you can look at different layout possibilities quickly as well.
Heya guys, thanks a lot for all the feedback! Really enjoy reading your comments, and am trying to translate them to the layout.

There are several reasons for having a different layout.

1) The site can be much more responsive / faster.

2) The site can be better navigable than the old version, I'm sure. We just need to work together to make it happen. There was a huge waste of space in the old layout, with a lot of stuff that wasn't interesting.

3) We have a HUGE amount of content, we needed more than 5-10 article on one page... otherwise new people would not ever get to the 40th article for example. We have over 800 articles now... we want the 700 not to be 'wasted', but still available to those interested. It was overwhelming for most people that came to our website for the first time. In this way, it is easier for them to get an overview. We will do more in this respect later on.

Thanks for the tip Dre, I'm aware of that, but I want you guys to look with me, and give me feedback on the progress. I can't do that if I'm working offline.

Latest version online, looking forward to hearing from ya'll Smile. Sound your voices Big Grin. Tried to embed images, and excerpt to the latest 5 articles.

We are thinking about doing something else with the 'featured' box (as especially regular readers don't see it updated that often), and adding the latest 2 articles in that space: so they will be prominent. What do you guys think about that?
Clemens - I applaud you on trying to keep up with website and make it more accessible and add more feature way to go proactive!!!

But here's another option---why not do a beta testing to where you still have the old version of this website. And the beta test will be the new look and ask some members or all members to see how they like the new layout. If more and more users tend to like the new look, then you can tell everyone that the new version will be released on such such date. I hope you know what I mean.

But if users, do not like the new look you can revert back to the old version.

You know! I like the new layout very impressive. I like the listing of articles by dates listed below. Now that's very cool. Are you going to show release dates of games too?
Thanks Meistro, really trying hard. Good to know you like the sorting by date part of the website. This is also done to give people a bit of overview, in their busy lives. In my view, we were lacking structure in presenting our articles.

On the preview-theme: Your proposition actually sounds pretty good, I'll see if I can find a plugin for that somewhere.
I love the new layout! It makes it much easier to scroll through pages of old articles without having to rely on a search function. It's like having the option to show 100 items versus showing 10 items at a time and having to scroll through many pages.
Thanks dirtyvu... that's what we aimed for indeed Smile. It was hard to find stuff on 123KINECT, hopefullly this improves the situation Big Grin.
Frontpage has been updated again.

- Featured box removed
- Added new featured articles
- Added images / exceprts to ALL articles in the listing with lazy loading, so no speed impact.

Any feedback?! Big Grin

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