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Penguins of Madagascar - Kinect: Dr. Blowhole Returns Again Review

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Penguins of Madagascar - Kinect: Dr. Blowhole Returns Again Review
09-09-2011, 02:11 AM
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Penguins of Madagascar - Kinect: Dr. Blowhole Returns Again Review
Penguins of Madagascar - Kinect: Dr. Blowhole Returns Again

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQIslYBg5YeUmteCJUWkyY...sCHrQ91gEO]
  • Official site http://www.penguinsofmadagascarvideogame.com/
  • Developer: Griptonite
  • Genre: Action Adventure (On Rails)
  • Alternative game name: N/A
  • Online Features: Achievements, Friends, Xbox LIVE Family Settings
  • Kinect Features: Kinect Sensor Required, 1 Player, Voice Enabled
  • Kinect Activity Level: Standing - Active
  • Uses avatars?: No
  • Age group: Kids

Penguins of Madagascar - The good
  • Music and voices are from the movies/cartoons
  • There's some extras for the kiddos to do
  • Graphics are decent

Penguins of Madagascar - The not so good
  • It's all on rails which is fine, but it is super repetitive
  • Kinect works for the most part, there's some issues though
  • It seems like it was geared for really little ones, my 7 year old didn't like it and it didn't work for him

Penguins of Madagascar - Story
There is a story mode, not sure if it follows the same cartoon as I think that just came out too, but I was so bored with the game I couldn't complete it.

Penguins of Madagascar - Kinect experience
The game has you do different types of motions but it's all pretty basic such as leaning, jumping, posing, balancing, etc. It's really made for young kids.

Penguins of Madagascar - Graphics & Sound
The graphics are ok, would of been better if they mimic'd the cartoon graphics.

The music/sound are from the show so its not overly annoying.

Penguins of Madagascar - Gameplay
The game play is very repetitive, so bad that you are one of the penguins and running around the park and other various places, but you retrace your path to go a different way the second time around. It's very annoying. Young kids however may not notice or may not care. You also lean to move left or right, and you'll come across different obstacles where you have to do various motions in order to pass them, but even if you don't get it, it still lets you go on.

I'm not sure how long the game is but I only played it for a little bit, the boredom was getting to me. I checked to see if there was anything else in the game or if it was strictly story mode, but there is a dance session. You either match poses or play red light green light with dancing, probably fun for kids. There are 3 songs on the dance mode, but they are penguin only songs. I thought for sure they would of put the I like to move it move it song in there, but they didn't.

There's also a critique area which is just a photo shoot. It does take a picture after every level. The only voice functionality is in the beginning of the game.

Penguins of Madagascar - Multiplayer options
No multiplayer in this one.

Penguins of Madagascar- Achievements
The achievements seem to be super easy, probably something good for kids to feel rewarded yet they have no idea what achievements are for. Smile

Overall, it's a pretty bad game. I found Kung Fu Panda 2 more enjoyable than this one. Like I stated, my 7 year old didn't like it either, he liked the story more than the game, and I would think that's their target area. Kinect also had some issues with detecting him and detecting me as well, not sure if this was a rushed product or what but it's pretty basic. Probably could of been made as an arcade game to be honest. I wouldn't pay full price for this one either, wait until it's shovelware in the $5 bin.

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