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Peter Molyneux Interview

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Peter Molyneux Interview
03-15-2012, 02:15 AM
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Information Peter Molyneux Interview
This is posted here rather than in the Fable: The Journey thread as he doesn't actually talk about that game in the interview other than mentioning it once when talking about Kinect.


Here are quotes about Kinect in the interview:

Quote:What are some of the struggles that pop up when you’re developing a Kinect game that you wouldn’t think about when making a controller-based game?

I think it’s a kind of journey you have to go on yourself as a designer. The first thing you do is, you tend to be a bit lazy. You think “How am I gonna get Kinect to do this, which is so easy to do on a controller?”. That’s completely the wrong way to think. What Kinect is is a very analog experience, and what it enables you to do is deal with just how different human beings are. In Fable: The Journey, if I used Kinect and it forced you to sit a certain way and forced you to throw a certain way and forced you to emote in a certain way, I think that would be the worst thing I could do. The best thing I can do is celebrate how different you are and how analog you are and how the imprecision is actually a huge benefit. You can really focus on the sense of discovery that Kinect can give you, because the most inspirational thing about Kinect is that marketing line - “You are the controller.” If you take that as a philosophy rather than just a line, I think some interesting things can happen.

Do you feel that Kinect has lived up to its potential at this point?

It’s just like any piece of new technology or invention, whether it’s a bike, a motorcar, or a flying machine. We as human beings just expect way too much, far too soon. We expect the first wave of titles to be the most amazing, incredible things. We don’t think deeply enough about what actually can happen in the second and third wave of titles. Now the second wave is just coming, and we’re starting to realize that it’s very deep, it’s very refined, we really can look at the way you move and that’s what I love celebrating.

Also I'll post this quote from him about the new Syndicate game (which he had nothing to do with) as I just though it was funny, lol! Tongue

Quote:I don’t think it has much relation with the original Syndicate. That was much more about being let loose in shopping malls with miniguns.
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