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San Diego needs your creative help!

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San Diego needs your creative help!
09-20-2012, 07:58 PM
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San Diego needs your creative help!
Greetings all!

I just had a great idea using the Xbox kinect and I need some creative minds (thats you) to make it happen.

I have some help with programming, but I need a way to help guide me to what I want to do, if at all possible.

We are going to be displaying this at 2 locations in San Diego where many people will see and love the creative flow!

So far I have an idea with 1 or many projectors displaying images that can be manipulated. I really do not need the person interacting to be displayed, maybe to see where they are, but I want a participant to be able to walk into a room we will create covered with images from this artist, http://jettergreen.com/

and I want to either have the images open into another, merge into another in sort of a never ending art pattern. Someone can come into this room we will make (small room) manipulate certain areas and a tone or bell maybe would go off and then the image could be melted into another, or merged with another so that the participant can interact with it.

Any ideas, input, changes, please be a part of this, world wide minds come together!

Email me with ideas pictures thoughts, or your favorite recipe for lasagna!

Thank you all in advance, you will get due credit, filmed and streamed on you tube with any help, no matter how small to this idea!


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