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Star Wars Kinect...Love it or Leave it or are we missing the point?

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Star Wars Kinect...Love it or Leave it or are we missing the point?
06-17-2011, 10:03 AM
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Star Wars Kinect...Love it or Leave it or are we missing the point?
I'm just curious what peoples opinions are on Kinect Star Wars now that more game footage has been shown? I was lucky enough to get to see the MS E3 Press Briefing in person (thanks to Major Nelsons Tweetup...won tickets to the briefing, how cool is that Big GrinThe show was awesome to see in person and I could talk a lot about it but one part I noticed was the reaction to the Star Wars preview. It felt to me to be a collective "oh, that's what we expected...simple graphics on rails". I think a lot of people (especially hardcore gamers) were not overly impressed, but I think that's because we might be looking at the game the wrong way. Most of us are looking for a "real" experience, the more realistic the better, super high res graphics with near unlimited control and freedom and realistic violence. While I would find a game like that to my liking, I think we need to take a step back and think about who the Star Wars and Kinect (for launch anyway) main audience is.

Kids. And parents. I think if you look at this game from that angle it makes a ton of sense. It may not be exactly what us more adult gamers might want, but for Star Wars and Kinect, kids make the money. I can't count the number of kids that know more about Star Wars than I do, I know some that watch some of the movies several times a day, there are a ton of animated Star Wars films and TV and then all the toys. To the Lucus team Kinect must have looked like a goldmine. Look at how well Lego Star Wars has done. Kids (and parents) like things they can enjoy together, and Star Wars is one of those things. So to me, when I see the more simple graphics and gameplay, I see a game that is made for kids to enjoy, a game that will make parents buy Kinect which in the end is great for us gamers. We just need to be patent, I have no doubt that a more complex Star Wars Kinect game will be made some day, but for now this seems to me to be a very wise move by both companies.

Imagine if a kid heard of a Star Wars game for Kinect (a device that they enjoy and parents feel safe about) you know they would want it badly (look even us adults want to be a Jedi so badly that we complain when a game isn't for us exactly so imagine a kids desire to be a hero). Then the kid finds out their parents wouldn't let them play because it's just for the adults, you'd end up alienating the very group that will make Kinect grow for the future and that the Star Wars franchise needs to keep it alive...if kids don't know and like Star Wars then that universe will die with us older people and you know these companies know this. So while I can understand the pain some gamers and media feel, I think this is a move that will in the end be a huge benifit to the console we like to game on and thus to those of us that game on it. Get the Kinect kinks worked out in a kid version, build a huge base to make money for a long time and then give us the SW:KOTOR Kinect we want Smile

I still think this game will probably be fun anyway so I'm looking forward to it. Just my 2 cents, what do you think?

ps: Did anyone else notice that the frame around the title for the game has a sort of Kinect symbol on it down in the bottom corner? 1 round dot followed by a smaller dot next to 2 other round dots (done in purple of course), it looks like the front of the Kinect sensor.
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Star Wars Kinect...Love it or Leave it or are we missing the point? - Kylton - 06-17-2011 10:03 AM

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