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This is why you bought a Kinect (or will buy one)

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This is why you bought a Kinect (or will buy one)
03-17-2011, 12:01 AM
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This is why you bought a Kinect (or will buy one)
Forget all that you have seen so far for Kinect, because it's only part of what Kinect can really do to gaming. What you are about to see in this video will make you see the true potential of Kinect, it will show you the future of motion gaming! And yes, this is also something that the Playstation Move can not do and will never be able to do! (well, at least not accurately) Ready to be amazed? Then check out the video after the jump!
Kinect allows for 3D gaming
That's right, Kinect will allow for real 3D gaming! We already brought this up here, but now someone actually implemented it by means of a hack. Check it out below:

This 3D gaming by means of Kinect is more than just a 3D effect, because Kinect will know where your head is it will be able to give you the 3D effect and will also be able to translate this movement to your character on-screen. This means that for instance you will be able to look around corners in a very realistic way!
The step to a real game
Once developers will see that with the power of Kinect they can do this amazing 3D effect in their games the true potential of Kinect will surface. Games will be more immersive than ever and will suck in the player beyond unimaginable depth. This is the future of gaming and this is why you will love your Kinect! People, I see a great future for Kinect and once developers will see this too they will write a new chapter in the history of gaming.

3D is the future, and the future is here!

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