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Was project Milo 'cancelled' because it's secretly in development for next gen Xbox?

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Was project Milo 'cancelled' because it's secretly in development for next gen Xbox?
03-19-2011, 02:19 PM
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Was project Milo 'cancelled' because it's secretly in development for next gen Xbox?
The GDC featured a new video of the much debated and mysterious 'Project Milo' or 'Milo and Kate'. The video shows the environment in which Project Milo was supposed to unfold its story. The world of Milo in this video looks ab-so-lu-tely amazing, and it's all because of a new technology specifically developed for this project.

The demo runs on an Xbox 360, so you would think it was developed for current generation games. I however have some big doubts about this, and I don't think that Milo, or any other game with this technology will ever be released on the Xbox 360, and I have good reason to think so! Read on why after the jump.
The Project Milo technology video
Before I say anything further about the project Milo technology and whether it will really run on an Xbox 360, have a look at the video (and yes this was said to run on an actual Xbox 360). Check it out below:

Impressed? I definitely am! A game that looks as nice as this, currently does not even exist on the Xbox 360. The technology is just amazing!

So how does it work? Well, this new technology is all about using 'tricks' to make object look better by adding more detail, without the need for the same amount of graphical calculation power. What I mean is that in traditional terms if something was to look 5 times better, you would need 5 times the processing power, but with this new technology you would for example need only 3 times the processing power. Of course this is just an example and I made up those numbers but you'll get the point.
Why it will not work on the current Xbox

So at this point you will ask yourself why I think it will not work on the current Xbox while the technology demo is actually running on an Xbox 360! Well let me explain:

First of all the Xbox 360 is old and has limited memory and processing power. Developers have had 6 years to squeeze the absolute maximum out of the hardware and it has just been maxed out. This Project Milo technology demo looks so much better than the best looking Xbox games, it's just too big of a leap.

But that still doesn't explain how it can run right there on the GDC demo. This is easily explained too: The Xbox 360 in the demo can use all its power to show you the graphics, no need for (Kinect) input calculations, artificial intelligence calculations, sound or physics. We've seen before with other games that tech demos look so much better because all the hardware has to do it render graphics.
Why this is perfect for the next gen Xbox
The next generation Xbox (yes it's coming, Microsoft started hiring people for it) is going to be perfect to use this technology: since the Xbox is really just a PC on the inside and runs on a standard architecture the technology could be easily transferable to a new Xbox. The next gen Xbox could then show these amazing graphics and have everything else going (input, sound, AI, physics) at the same time. And since this technology is so optimized a next generation Xbox could show huge insanely detailed environments!

Project Milo will be the perfect launch game for the next generation Xbox too. It will have amazing graphics, the most complex AI ever seen, an engaging and emotional story and will introduce all those 'I hate Kinect' gamers to the wonderful world of full motion gaming with Kinect! It will be totally awesome!
Your view?
Of course this is all speculation and just my opinion on the technology shown, but I'd like to know what you think of it. Let me know your view in the comments!

Oh yeah, and here are some screenshots of the video, in case you want to have another look at the sheer awesomeness of the graphics!

[nggallery id=38]

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