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Wipeout: In The Zone Review

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Wipeout: In The Zone Review
09-17-2011, 05:25 PM
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Wipeout: In The Zone Review
Wipeout: In The Zone

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT_cn7G_oNWq2OBpflNt82...E7FkBzzoEA]
  • Official site Wipeout: In The Zone
  • Developer: Activision
  • Genre: Family/Party
  • Alternative game name: N/A
  • Online Features: Achievements, Leaderboards, Xbox LIVE Family Settings
  • Kinect Features: In-Game Avatar, Kinect Sensor Required, Players 1
  • Kinect Activity Level: Ridiculously Active
  • Uses avatars?: Yes
  • Age group: Younger group

Wipeout: In The Zone - The good
  • It replicates the show pretty well, as all of the shows commentary and music
  • Let's you compare times with online friends
  • It'll really give you a workout
  • Probably would be hilarious when friends are over

Wipeout: In The Zone - The not so good
  • You really need finesse controls with this type of game, they are sloppy and don't always work
  • When controls don't work, this leads to frustration
  • There's different levels but things can only be mixed so many times
  • Some realistic actions, some made up things, so doing actual things that the show does is different

Wipeout: In The Zone - Story
No story mode, you just play different episodes which is just a remixture of different obstacles.

Wipeout: In The Zone - Kinect experience
Kinect works great for running and jumping! Everything else needs to be fixed, I am playing catchup from the summer so I thought for sure by now, big ole Activision would of released a patch, NOPE, it still has issues. There seems to be a problem with it telling a difference between running and walking, as in this type of game, you really need precise movements. There's other things like balancing while running which is fine, but the moving in air in something else.

Wipeout: In The Zone - Graphics & Sound
The graphics are normal avatar cartoon land graphics. The John's really need to use Avatar Kinect to record their facial expressions and mouths...it looks silly.

Wipeout: In The Zone - Gameplay
Well, there's pretty much most of the obstacles from the show. Unfortunately, the controls don't always work when attempting to overcome these obstacles so you end up getting frustrated. I didn't skip ahead to see, if I was a regular casual player, how long would it really take me...Ridiciously at the amount of tries it took me on certain things. Ducking I eventually got to work right, you have to duck a certain way otherwise it messes up and your leg will be floating to the side or you'll start floating in the air off the ground.

Wipeout: In The Zone - Multiplayer options
I didn't try multiplayer but that may be more fun.

Overall, the concept is great, however the controls need to work properly for this type of game! With only a few weeks to go until Wipeout 2 comes out, now I'm nervous about the future Activision releases, Big League Sports and especially Cabela's. Are they just shovelling garbage since they haven't been part of any Kinect titles from the get go or are they really working on better releases? Time will tell!

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10-09-2011, 11:37 PM
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RE: Wipeout: In The Zone Review
I found the controls to be great but they're not 1:1 so you have to do the motions they want you to do for things like how to swing, how to step backward, etc. and that's where the tutorials come in. I used to skip tutorials all the time (and I did when I first played this game) but this game actually requires you to know the moves.

It's a fun party game. also, if you like the TV show, it's very faithful to it.

But as a single player game, it's a bit boring.

The game is more about being silly with your friends than anything else.

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10-10-2011, 08:54 PM
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RE: Wipeout: In The Zone Review
Yeah but there are certain parts where you need to stop, and the precision isn't there. I'll have Wipeout 2 tomorrow so maybe the precision is there...

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10-10-2011, 10:05 PM
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RE: Wipeout: In The Zone Review
I was able to stop pretty quickly. You have to hold your arms out in front of you like you're saying stop.

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03-09-2012, 08:04 PM
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RE: Wipeout: In The Zone Review
here are some 720P gameplay videos...

episode 4

episode 5

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