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dancing games on Wii and 360

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dancing games on Wii and 360
03-21-2011, 11:37 PM
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dancing games on Wii and 360
I'm prepping a review for Dance Paradise, and I'm a huge dance game fan across multiple platforms. I was commenting in another board for someone to decide between Just Dance 2 (Wii) and Zumba for Wii or Kinect. So my comment actually went so long that I thought I'd copy/paste it somewhere else so it would feel like I was amortizing the wasted time in typing so much... Tongue

If the bottom text sounds off, it's because I'm directing it toward the person I was writing it for:

I have Just Dance 2, Michael Jackson (Wii version), Zumba (Kinect), Dance Central (Kinect), and Dance Paradise (Kinect). I would say it depends on what you're looking for.

Zumba is a fine game but it's more for exercise than anything. The music is all Latin music and it was custom written for Zumba. So you're not going to recognize any of the music unless you regularly attend Zumba gym classes or buy Zumba DVDs. If you just want to exercise and have fun doing it, then Zumba is great because the routines are intense and it forces you to dance for long stretches.

Just Dance 2 is a good game but like all Wii dancing games, it feels like you're mostly dancing with your arms. Yes, they have some leg movements but it's very standard stuff like knee bends and occasional crossovers. also, Just Dance 2 has you dancing to the whole song, as far as I can tell (didn't actually measure the song length). The soundtrack is pretty good but there are lots of covers. I got the Best Buy edition which has extra tracks so JD2 has a lot of tracks included (44?). With all the dough they made, they should have the true music tracks. The other issue is since you have to hold the wiimote and the dancing is mostly arm dancing, your arm gets tired (only the arm holding the wiimote, the other arm is fine)! And if you use your left hand, you'll score poorly because the game wants you to use your right hand. The best part of JD2 is the simultaneous multiplayer. There's no tutorial mode but the steps are pretty simple that you don't need it.

Michael Jackson for the Wii feels like JD2 except with nicer graphics and Michael Jackson music. If you like his music, you'll like the game. The Michael Jackson for Kinect isn't out yet and it looks to be completely different than the Wii version from all the demos. so we'll see. Otherwise, if you don't like his music, it's not that great of a game.

Dance Central is an awesome game. It also has a great tutorial mode where it breaks down every dance step. And the tutorial is very important because the game measures how you dance very carefully. It watches how your legs are moving, how your arms are moving, whether your shoulders are turned, etc. The choreographed routines feel great and you really have to move around. It's my favorite dance game on any platform. It also has the actual music tracks. No covers like in JD2. However, the songs are shortened but you do get a true beginning and a true end to the song (they cut out the middle of the track). The negatives are that it only has 30 songs (but you can buy more songs) and the soundtrack is only good to okay. It's the dancing that makes the game so great, not the music. It also has limited multiplayer (alternating players and only 2 players, at that; plus, no online multiplayer). I say if you only have 1 dance game, it's Dance Central (assuming you have multiple game systems like me).

The last dance game I have is Dance Paradise. Now this has the best soundtrack of them all. It's really really good. The game has all the original music videos and original music tracks. The dancing, like all Kinect games, measures your entire body too. The thing that throws people off is that the dance moves are coming down 1 of 4 lanes, like in Guitar Hero or Rock Band, and so the game expects you to step sideways to get into the lane to do the dance move. so sometimes when things get hectic, you're doing the correct dance move but you're in the wrong lane so it counts as a miss. I like this game a lot because of the music. It also has simultaneous multiplayer (2 players). The negatives are that when you dance a song, the routine is a string of dance moves. It's not a single choreographed routine designed for the song like in Dance Central or Just Dance 2. For example, you may do a jitterbug move and then transition to the arm-swim move, then transition to a cross over move. The other negative is you only get to dance half the song. It just reaches a point and then fades out to a results screen. It feels bad because you really get into a good song and it ends just when you're into a groove. What makes it feel bad too is that they included the full-length music videos which you can play in their video jukebox. Dance Central songs are abridged versions too, but they edit it so that you have a beginning and an end so it flows smoothly like a full-length song.

I also played Dance Masters for Kinect. That game is for the hardcore DDR or J-Pop fans. the dancing is para para style. The routines are very complex but most of them are arm-heavy routines with very little leg action. Because the routines are so complex compared to all the other dance games out there, lack of a tutorial mode really hurts.
Just some background, I was a heavy DDR fan back in the day and bought some pricey dance pads for my PS2 (also used on my Xbox1 and PC thanks to adapters).

Just as a side note, there are overlapping tracks between all these titles so it offers room for lots of comparisons. for example, Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" is on both Dance Central and Dance Paradise (DP's version is longer and better but DC's dance routine is better). The Pussycat Dolls's "When I Grow up" is on both Dance Paradise and Just Dance 2. One cool contrast is DP has modern dance track number of Geri Halliwell – "It’s raining men" whereas JD2 has some weird old version of "It's raining me" (I don't know if it's a cover or some original from the 60s/70s).
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03-22-2011, 12:00 AM
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RE: dancing games on Wii and 360
Very good wrap-up. Thanks Smile

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03-22-2011, 04:07 AM
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RE: dancing games on Wii and 360

Poker Face in Dance Paradise and Dance Central...
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03-22-2011, 05:15 AM
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RE: dancing games on Wii and 360

anything to give me some adobe premiere practice... Tongue
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