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options for recording your gaming!

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options for recording your gaming!
09-13-2012, 03:00 AM
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options for recording your gaming!
[Image: 31A84PwgRbL._AA300_.jpg]

If any of you have watched any of my videos, you know I use a Hauppauge HD-PVR to record the gameplay. It produces outstanding HD video that just looks incredible. And although Youtube and other places degrade the quality of the video, it still looks awfully good. However, the limitation of the HD-PVR was that it was component/composite only, meaning you could not hook up your 360 via HDMI. It was also typically around $200.

Now there are 2 good alternatives that do allow HDMI recording in HD:

Hauppauge released the sequel in the HD-PVR 2. And the newer HDMI version is cheaper! I saw Newegg and others selling it for around $160:


[Image: 65750]

[Image: LL]

Another option from a smaller company is the Elgato Game Capture HD. The biggest advantage of this is how tiny the device is. The Elgato runs around $200:


[Image: gchd-gallery-01.jpg]

There are some things to note. With the component output of the 360, you can record practically anything that you see on your 360 screen, including Netflix. However, HDMI is usually encrypted so you won't be able to record things like Hulu or Netflix over HDMI. So if you want to be able to record over component, you have to fall back to older devices like the HD-PVR.

So if you want your videos to stand out, consider an HD option!!! Don't resort to fake HD trickery that so many video posters do to draw viewership.

[Image: onlysublime.jpg]
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