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Full Version: Super Punch Out Would Be Awesome W/ Kinect
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game would work perfect right? Too bad Nintendo owns it, maybe Microsoft can come up with something of the such. Thoughts and opinions...
Maybe Microsoft can buy the rights to Ready 2 Rumble? That would be an awesome Kinect game! (They could change the perspective to be like Punch Out.) If they do I hope they can include Michael Jackson like in Ready 2 Rumble: Round 2!! Although they'd have to use the old motion capture data and dialogue to keep it authentic. (Rather than have an MJ impersonator.) Check out this video, it's worth watching until the end for his victory dance!

MJ in his HIStory outfit or Captain EO outfit is better graphics, for a start he doesn't have the weird big chest. Undecided Here's him in the Captain EO outfit (unfortunately the player is a bit crappy and also keeps pressing taunt):

That could be funny !
This guy has actually hacked Mike Tyson's Punch Out to work with Kinect! Big Grin (I'm sure he could do it with Super Punch Out too.)

Corellian, lol you are lastpost on all these posts in this forum... haha! Big Grin Awesome movie, thanks for sharing.
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