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Full Version: Wrist Tracker
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I thought of a simple (and cheap) idea for developers to track wrists that should work even if the game is tracking your whole body. (So therefore might not be able to normally track your wrists because it might not precise enough.) I'm pretty sure all they need to include with a game is a wrist strap (or 2 if both wrists need tracking) with 4 marker balls on it for Kinect to track. They might need to be made of reflective material although maybe they'll work being coloured or maybe the size of tennis balls rather than ping-pong balls. So basically you'd strap the wrist tracker on your wrist (or one one each wrist if need be) making sure that the balls are positioned so that there's one in the middle of the top of your wrist (in line with the back of your hand), one in the middle of the bottom of your wrist (in line with your palm) and one either side. Here's a quick pic of what I mean:

[Image: Wrist_tracker.jpg]

It might it even work with just 2 or even 1 tracking ball. Maybe if any developers working on Kinect happen to read this they can say if it would?
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